Saturday, July 2, 2011

Along The Path Of Stories, Poems Are Sometimes Born

Death is Life’s shadow
But do not despair
Hold your head high
Take a fresh breath of air

For my mind is my ship
And the world is my sea
I shall drift through its waves
To find the best place for me

For if my heart is my sail
Then your laugh is the wind
That has carried me gently
To all the great places I’ve been

So on we adventure
Search and wander
And through it all, we always
Can’t help but ponder

Why people give up
When they say they have nothing to lose
Because then they have everything to win
It’s an easy path to choose

Because hope is the oars
That push through the sea
On the days without wind
Which sometimes come to be

But through the storms of sadness
And the rough seas of doubt
We always remember
The sun is sure to come about

At the front of the ship
We stand with our heads high
And reminisce about the simple old sayings
Of “hello” and “goodbye”

So smile, my friend
Let the wind blow through your hair
Keep your dreams strong
Take a fresh breath of air 


  1. This was a beautiful poem that I can completely relate to. I absolutely love it, well done! :D

  2. I'm speechless, it sounds like a pro wrote it! It's beautiful in every way, I love it more than I can write in one single comment.

  3. WHOA! This is BREATHTAKING! You amaze me Thalia with your incredible gifts! I love this poem for so many reasons I can't even wrote them all! But what a treasure of a poem!
    *kneels before Thalia in awe*

    I am not worthy to stand in your presence.

    Thank you for posting this!

  4. *pulls Kallista to her feet and hugs her*

    Thank you so much for your kind words, my friend. And if anyone is not worthy of anything, it is me, for I'm not worthy to have such a great friend as you :D I'm very glad you enjoyed the poem.

  5. Fantastic poem, Thalia! :D

  6. Wonderful poem, Thalia!
    Really pure and beautiful - my jaw actually dropped when I read it because I was so surprised how awesome it was! (though I don't know why I was- you always seem to have amazing poetry and stories!)