Thursday, July 21, 2011


Okay. Lord Voldemort is after me. Dumbledore said I should lie low for three or so weeks while they figure out how to deal with the Death Eaters. So I, erm, "borrowed" Harry's invisibility cloak. They can track me through the internet, so I can't use it. See you in three weeks, everyone~
And THAT, my good friends, is how you know that I've been reading way too much Harry Potter.

But I really am leaving for three weeks.

You see, I'm going on vacation to Canada. I can't tell you exactly where, but it's somewhere in Quebec. Somewhere.

I don't exactly know where.

But we don't have internet access up there. Well, technically we have a dial-up connection, but I don't really count that as internet considering that it's slower than a snail wading through molasses.

I'm really going to miss you guys. And I just KNOW that I'm going to miss some huge important event here on Blogland. And then there's going to be posts to catch up on.......

Stupid dial-up.

Ah well, it can't be helped. I'll still be able to write, though, and that's good. That's very good.....

And I don't think it'll be as hot up there as it is here, thank God.

But I'll miss my cats.

But still. I'm really excited for this trip. I'll take pictures.

Anyway. I won't actually be leaving until the morning of this Saturday, July 23. But I'm posting this now, in case I don't have time tomorrow during the packing frenzy. And I'll be back August 13th or 14th. Somewhere around that time.

So, bye all! I'll see you lot in three weeks. I expect a report of what I missed when I return!



  1. *cries*
    I'm going to miss you so much Thalia!
    *hugs her*
    I hope you have a BLAST!
    I can't wait to hear about all your adventures.
    Stay safe and healthy and have FUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!


  2. *hugs Kallista*

    I'll miss you too~

  3. *sniff*
    Why is everyone abandoning me here in this vast boring wasteland?
    *gives Thalia a rib crushing hug*
    Don't break yourself, okay? Also watch out for rampaging moose herds. Hope you have fun! I think I'm speaking for everyone when I say we'll miss you more than we can put into words, stay safe~

  4. *hugs Mir*

    Mar will be back soon! I'll try not to injure myself. And the moose....well, I have a feeling I'll be hiding in a lot of trees....

    I'll miss you!

  5. *sobs* Farewell, sweet Thalia!

    Travel safe, and have a good time! Try not to think about us missing you.

    *squeezes three weeks worth of hugs into one*

  6. *hugs Ann*


    Goodbye Ann! I'll be missing you guys too ;_;

  7. God, I seriously hope the border isn't horrible. We've waited for, like three hours at it once.