Sunday, August 14, 2016

Bye Bye Li'l Sebastian

Okay. I figured it was probably time for me to make this post.

I don't think anyone besides me is ever actually going to read this, but that's fine, because this is mostly for me, anyway.

I'm done with this blog.  I've kind of been done for a while but I've sort of lingered on and kept thinking about its role in my life in present tense for much longer than I should have, mostly out of nostalgia.  But I'm really done, now.  I'm not going to post anymore.

Last March was this blog's 5 year anniversary.  That's....a long time.  I made this blog when I was very young and very scared, and back then it was really important to me.  But I'm a lot older now and I've changed a lot, and while I'm still fairly young and still very scared, I don't need this.  I'm past the part of my life that this blog represents and I have been for a long time, but I need the closure of putting it down in words so I can actually fully move on.

I'm ready to.

This blog won't be deleted.  It has a lot of memories for me and it's a pretty good chronicle of my early teen years, and it's also really funny, so I'm going to leave everything up untouched as an archive.  If I ever post again, it'll just be one more post, with a link to where ever I'll be posting my writing.  But that's dependent on me both writing and wanting to post my writing, so it may or may not happen.  We'll see.  I'm still on tumblr at spacefleeting and thebruinen, though.

This post feels kind of weird to make because part of me doesn't think it should be necessary at all, and it probably shouldn't be.  But I also feel like because this blog used to be such a big part of me, it deserves a proper farewell and a solid final goodbye.

So: goodbye!!  It was a wild ride.