Monday, March 19, 2012

One Year Ago, On This Yesterday...

...I joined the blogs.

No, this blog right here isn't a year old. But the first comment I ever posted anywhere on the Blogosphere is a year and one day old! :D I totally forgot yesterday, but I remembered this morning. Sorry I don't have a big story for you all, but here is something small I wrote the other day, inspired by this song.

Long live the blogs! <3

Alexandra spun gently around on the swing. The old chains clacked together, sending flakes of rust spinning down onto her lap. She lifted her feet from the ground and smiled with childish glee as she was whipped around while the chains unwound.

A raindrop slid down her nose. Her shirt and jeans were soaked, her hair plastered to her face. Eyeliner ran down her face in streaks. Alexandra kicked off the ground, splashing in the puddle that had formed by her feet. As she swung, she remembered the times she and her sister had raced to get higher than the other. Other childhood memories raced through her head, bringing with them an overwhelming sense of nostalgia.

Unbidden, more recent memories came to mind. She remembered going to the aquarium a month ago to stare at the whale sharks. Driving a car for the first time. Flunking her French test. Standing in line for three hours with her boyfriend to get a book signed by her favorite author.

Alexandra laughed. To think that visiting her childhood playground would lead to such memories.

'Remembering is such an odd thing', she thought. You can look for ages in your memories for something and never find it. But then one day, maybe in a week or a month or a year, it will hit you. But it won't come alone. A whole avalanche of past feeling and longings and loves will come with it. And God knows what they will be. They may be important or irrelevant or both. They could last forever, or they could just be one instant.

Then she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, letting the rain run down her neck, and thought, 'Nothing is an instant. You can love someone so much or hate them with a passion, but it does not happen all at once. And nothing is forever, because forever is much too long a time for anything.'