Sunday, September 15, 2013

You (A Story About Me) - A Poem

hey kiddo

You (A Story About Me)

and there can be magic
late at night
as you lie on your side
in bed
but it's not always good
not always light
as it pounds and screams
and tears at your head

and there will be those
who will ask you
why you don't just
turn it off
but it's not easy
not something you can do
as you shudder and sob and try
to remember that you're ninety-three percent star stuff

and you will answer
with a half-tried smile
with a mantra you've been repeating
inside of your head
with something you haven't
believed for quite a while
but most will agree with you
even though they were lies that you said

and you will eventually find
the courage for honesty
some won't like that
some will call it a bluff
but even if you find
your confession is a soliloquy
don't worry, don't fret
you're ninety-three percent star stuff