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Hathor Part 2

Her calm expression never faltering, Hathor pointed her gun at the chain directly above them.  “Try me.” 

Hathor released the trigger.


A flash of white light flew from the barrel of the gun.  A couple of demons hissed.  One screamed.   Hathor turned and sprinted down the chain.  She didn’t need to stay and marvel at the bullet.  She had done that many times before.  The ball of light would split into thousands of tiny, white needles and pierce their target.  The chain she fired at would last about ten seconds before it crumbled.

“Get her!” Hathor glanced over her shoulder.  The demons were starting to recover from their shock.  Hathor chuckled quietly.  They had waited just a second too long.


A loud crack echoed through the chasm.  Hathor stopped running and smirked.  The chain above them broke, and the halves began to swing down.  Suddenly, Hathor cursed her stupidity.  One half was swinging toward the demons as planned, and the other towards her.  How could she have forgotten that two halves make a whole?

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid…’

Hathor whirled back around and continued running, but after a few steps she realized it was pointless.  The chain was simply falling too fast.  She’d never be able to out run it.  Taking a deep breath, Hathor turned to the side and kicked off of the chain, falling head-first into the darkness below.

A frustrated shriek came from above her.  The wind whipped her long, brown hair into her eyes, but Hathor still managed to see the four demons launch themselves after her.  They bounded from chain to chain, but then seemed to deem that too slow and took up Hathor’s freefall style.

Hathor twisted her body around so her feet were pointed down.  One snake drew level with her, and Hathor swung herself around and delivered a roundhouse kick to its face.  It spun away from her, crashing into its 
sibling.  They smacked into the side of the chasm and fell.

A black chain came into view directly below her, and Hathor immediately saw her chance.  She reached into her coat and pulled out a wound-up length of silver chain.  Hathor flicked her wrist, and the chain-whip lashed 
out and tightened around the black chain.

Gripping the chain-whip tightly, Hathor tucked her legs up.  She continued to drop, and suddenly the chain-whip pulled taught as she reached the bottom of the arch.  Hathor swung up just as a demon lunged at her.  She got the top of the swing and it was within her reach.  Snapping her legs out, Hathor caught the demon in the face.  It let out a roar and went down, following the other two.

Hathor landed on the chain at the same time as the last demon did.  It snarled at her and slithered closer,  barring its fangs.

Hathor pulled out her gun.

The demon hissed angrily, but it seemed to know a loss when it saw one.  Hathor half expected it to say “You’ve won this time”, or something cliché like that, but it didn’t.  It simply cast one last hateful glance at her before dissipating like mist.  She didn’t need to look around to know that the other demons had done the same.

The air shifted again, and Hathor found herself back on the cobblestone road.  The four girls were sprawled on the ground around her, unconscious.  They wouldn’t remember being possessed.

Sighing, Hathor tucked her chain-whip and gun back into her coat just as the clock tower let out another chime, signaling that it was midnight.  ‘Just in time,’ Hathor thought, allowing herself a small smile.  She shoved her hands in her pockets and stepped over the girls, strolling back into the night.


All I can say is that I'm really not to fond of this part, and I blame myself entirely for that. I don't think it's very well written, but I couldn't really find the words to make it better. I apologize for that.

Evil, Evil Cat

This is Marlo. She's my cat. She's EVIL. But I love her anyway. I'm pretty sure that's why she keep's acting up. Because she knows that I love her anyway. evil, evil cat.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


EDIT: I realize from Mar's comment that this post may seem a bit...worrying. I assure you, I'm fine. My cat's are just making me go crazy. Other than that, though, I am completely fine.


I know what you're thinking. I know what all of you are thinking. You're thinking that I should being writing. Well, I'm not, and here's why:

The next part of my SP fanfiction is already written. I'm just much too lazy to go fish out my notebook from the depths of my school bag and type it up. I'm much happier sitting here at my computer, ranting on my blog.

As for that story about Hathor. It's not getting a title. Why not? Because I simply don't know where I'm taking it. I don't know if I'm going to let Hathor live her happy demon-killing existence or kill her off or if she can even die.  I don't even know WHAT she is. Obviously, she's not human. That's a given. That's all I know, besides the fact that she jumps off the chain she's standing on in the next part.

And when I do figure it out, I'm not going to tell you. ANY of you. Because if I tell someone before I write it down, I'll probably lose inspiration for the story and leave it to waste space on my computer. So that means no one will know anything until I post it. I feel evil. MWA HA HA HA.

Hathor Part 1

Hathor hurried down the street, tugging her coat closer around herself.  The clock tower let out a chime, letting the whole city know that it was a quarter to twelve.  Hathor shuddered.  Not good.  Not good at all.  She only had fifteen minutes.

She rounded a corner, and nearly ran into two girls blocking the narrow road.  Their make-up looked like it had been spray painted on, and they seemed to be on their way to a party of some sort.  Hathor didn’t know.  She didn’t stick around to ask.  Cursing, she whipped around the headed in the other direction, only to find it blocked by two more girls.

‘No!’ Hathor mentally screamed. ‘I don’t have time for this! I need to get to where the aura is coming from. I only have-’

Hathor suddenly tensed.  She didn’t need to go anywhere.  The aura was coming from here.  From these four girls.  Hathor pressed her fingers to her temples and focused her energy.  It had been a long time since she 
needed to enter her dimension.  She hoped she could do it in time.

Suddenly the air shifted and Hathor’s eyes flew open.  No longer was she standing on a narrow cobblestone road with two girls closing in on either side of her.  No, now Hathor was standing on a black chain, one as thick as she was tall.  Chains like it formed a web above and around her, sticking out of the cliff faces on either side.  Below lay more chains, and the bottom of the chasm was hidden in shadows.  The sun - like it always did in this world - hung low in the western sky, casting a fiery glow over everything.

“So you figured it out, eh?” Hathor whirled around, her emerald eyes narrowing.  Perched on the chain behind her were four serpentine monsters, their red eyes and white scales gleaming in the setting sun.  “You knew we possessed those girls.”

Hathor drew her gun.  “I’m giving you one minute to vacate those humans,” she stated calmly.

One of the demons laughed.  “Or what?”

“You die.”

There was a flash of white, and the same demon was now close to her.  Too close.  Hathor could smell the blood on its breath, sense the hatred radiating off it.  She wanted to scream.  Gripping her gun tighter, Hathor forced herself to stay calm.

The demon looked her over and sneered.  “You wouldn’t dare,” it hissed.  “You kill us, you kill the humans.”

“You’re minute is up,” Hathor told it.  She thumbed back the trigger.

The other three demons joined their sibling.  “You won’t do it,” they hissed in unison.

Her calm expression never faltering, Hathor pointed her gun at the chain directly above them.  “Try me.”  

Hathor released the trigger.


Weeee cliff hanger! Anyway, I have no idea if it's good or bad or whatever. Let me know what you think~

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SP Fanfiction Part Two

Part two. Finally. It's typed. Rawr. This see Thalia's true personality. In the last one she was quite upset, so it was hidden.

EDIT: There is a two day time-skip between Part One and this, in case anyone was wondering.


Thalia flopped down on the ground and leaned against a tree.  Her side hurt.  Her feet hurt.  Everything hurt.  There was a shifting within her bag, and a fluffy gray Maine Coon she-cat with a crooked leg leapt out, stumbling, but managing to land on her three uninjured legs.  Thalia smiled.

“Hey Mar-Chu,” she murmured, scratching the cat behind its ears.  The Mar-Cat purred in reply, and Thalia withdrew her hand as the cat’s skin rippled.  Sitting next to her now was March’s human form, though her leg was still broken and at an odd angle.

“Oh God,” March muttered as she stretched.  “My leg hurts.  Are we almost there?”

“Nope,” Thalia replied.  “Not even close”.


“Don’t ‘aww’ me.  All you’ve been doing is sleeping for the past five hours.  I, on the other hand, have been running from vampires.”

“Poor you.  Want a penny?” March asked suddenly, fishing in her pocket.

“No,” Thalia grumbled.  “But if you can heal my side, I’ll give you a dollar.”

“You have a dollar?”


“Then why offer me one?”

“Because.  You can’t heal my side.  Therefore, even if I did have a dollar, you wouldn’t get it.”



“Well then.”




March scratched the back of her head.  “Well, you said that you were running from vampires, right?”

Thalia nodded.  “Yeah, why?”

March hesitated.  “Then, why did you stop?” she asked at last.  “What happened to them?”

Thalia shrugged.  “I ran across a road.”


“They got hit by a truck.”


“’Oh’ is correct.”

“So…what do we do now?” March asked.

Thalia shrugged again.  “Dunno.  No way am I walking anymore-”

She was interrupted by a rumbling sound.  The ground began to shake a bit, and the trees began to move.  Both girls’ jaws dropped.  Thalia’s right eye twitched.  March pointed at the thing, tried to form words, and failed.

In front of March and Thalia was no longer the boring forest that had been there moments before.  Instead, there was a hotel, one that had a big sign out front that read “The Midnight Hotel.”

“Well,” March said decidedly.  “Why don’t we stay there for awhile?”

Thalia nodded.  “That,” she said, “is a splendid idea.”


Uhh...all I have to say is that, yes, so far this is a little slow-paced. It'll be like that in Part 3 too, only because you find out more about Thalia's past. It speeds up in Part 4. I decided to combine it with what I had as Part 5 before. So if you can sit through one more slow-paced Part, you'll get a crazy wheelchair, Mir, and a fight. Good deal? I think so too.

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Ugh. My stomach. IT HURTS. I had a freaking giant grilled cheese with eggs and bacon sandwich for lunch/dinner. I'm not sure. It was too late to be lunch, but too early to be dinner. What do you call something like that? Linner? Dunch? I dunno. What do all you lovely people think? Hmm? HMM!?!?!?!? ANSWER ME! I KNOW THAT YOU'RE THERE! YOU'RE SITTING THERE AT YOUR COMPUTER, LAUGHING AT ME! WATCHING ME STRUGGLE! I KNOW IT! YOU LITTLE CREEPERS! I'M ON TO YOU! I'M ON TO YOU!!!!

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SP Fanfiction Part One

Yay first part! Actually, this has been written for about a week, but....yeah. This more like a prologue than anything, but it doesn't bother me. Sorry if it bothers you. Anyway, here we go. 


The girl’s black hair whipped around her.  A storm raged overhead, the freezing rain making her bangs stick to her forehead and fall into her eyes.  A strong wind tore through the girl’s tattered clothing, chilling her to the bone.  She didn’t care.  She couldn’t.  Grief stopped her from feeling the cold.

Her feet slid dangerously close to the edge of the cliff as she overlooked the wreckage of the city.  Fire raged through the buildings, paying no heed to the wicked rain that should have put it out.  The screaming had stopped a while ago.  There would be no survivors.


The girl whirled around, her hand flying to the short sword that hung on her waist, only to relax when she saw who it was.


Standing behind her was a girl, one whose face reflected to horror and grief churning within Thalia.  Her usually fire-red hair was darkened by the rain.  March Pathway was leaning heavily on her right leg.  The left one was hanging limply at an odd angle.  It looked painful.

Thalia immediately walked to her side and let March lean on her shoulder.  Her own side was cut and sending stabs of pain through her, but she could ignore that for now.  March was injured.  And it was her fault.

“Thalia, I can’t read minds like you, but I know what you’re thinking, and you couldn’t have stopped it from happening.  The vampires struck by surprise.”

Thalia turned her stormy gray eyes to March.  “But I could have fought them.  I could have provided a distraction.  I could have-”

March cut her off.  “Don’t say that you could have died for them.  You only knew a handful of people in that city.  Most wouldn’t acknowledge your death at all.  And then the vampires would have gotten them anyway, and you’re death would have been for nothing.”

“But innocent people died because of-”

“Thalia.” March’s voice was firm and left no room for arguing.  She took her weight from Thalia’s shoulder and gripped her upper arms tightly.  “It wasn’t your fault.  Fay wouldn’t have wanted you to die.”

At the mention of her dead little sister, Thalia realized her defeat.  March was right- she needed to stop trying blame herself for everything.  Fay had said the same thing when she was alive.

Giving herself a shake, Thalia raised her eyes to meet March’s.  “Okay, Mar-Chu.  Okay.”

March’s face softened and she gave a small smile.  “Good.”

“Now turn into a cat and let me carry you, you great lump.  I know that you’re screaming in pain on the inside,” Thalia said, a playful edge coming into her voice.  It was very hard for her to go into mini-depressions like the one she had just been in, and it was easy for her to come out of them.  She just needed a good friend to snap her back into reality.  Like March.

The newly shape-shifted Mar-Cat leapt into Thalia’s arms, wincing at the pain in her hurt leg, but purring all the same.  Cradling her friend in her arms, Thalia turned from the cliff and the ruined city and walked toward the general direction of Dublin.  She needed all the help she could get at this moment, and she knew just who they should go to……


I already have parts 2, 3, and 3 1/2 done. I just need to type them up. Parts 4 and 5 are planned out. So tell me your thoughts. Good? Bad? Oh, and a little about Thalia: her sister meant the world to her, and because of her death, Thalia always tries to protect people. Don't mention her (dead) family to her. It makes her angry.

Remember: comment!

Thalia Referance

Well, since I have a blog now, I thought that I may as well share my OC's reference.

Name: Thalia Circe
Age: 73 but looks 13
Height: 5 foot
Occupation: Doesn’t really have one. Unless annoying the public counts.
Hair Color: Black with a blond chunk at the front right.
Hair Style: Choppy and messy with bangs, ends about half a foot below shoulders.
Eye Color: Stormy grey.
Nationality: English.
Accent: English.
Clothes: Black cargo jacket, brown band t-shirt, black cargo pants, black combat boots, and a silver locket.
Weapons: A sword, shorter than most, but too long to be a dagger, a plastic spatula, and a rice paddle. She carries the last two in a messenger bag which she put a spell on so that it can carry all her random possessions, but if someone else looks in, they’ll only see an empty bag.
Mage type: Adept (Mind reader)
Personality: Usually happy and bright, but also very sarcastic. She can be very convincing (or so she likes to think. She’s actually just very annoying). Tends to hold grudges.
Friends: March Pathway and Mira Block
Enemies: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, many others….
History: Originally, Thalia lived a normal life in London, England with her parents and her baby sister, Fay. However, on a family trip to Dublin when she was ten, Thalia somehow got lost in an ice cream store and, after much wandering around the city, stumbled into China Sorrows’ library. China, who decided to be nice to poor lost Thalia, gave the young girl directions and sent her on her way. Thalia couldn’t get the library out of her head and after pestering her eccentric grandparents, found out about magic. She also then discovered that what she thought was just her going crazy was actually her natural ability to read minds. On another trip to Ireland 2 years later, Thalia returned to the library and pestered China into letting her study magic there. Once when she was leaving the library, however, she ran into Dusk, who proceeded to attack her. Not yet having any of her weapons, Thalia hit him with a brick and ran away screaming in Spanish. After many more humiliating encounters with her, Dusk decided to get his revenge. He set an army of Infected on her family. Thalia tried her best, but failed to save them. Do to this, Thalia holds an extreme grudge against Dusk. Billy-Ray Sanguine is also on her bad side because he kidnapped her and stole her sword. So she beat him with a chair.


Okey dokey.

And So It Begins.....

Hmm....oh....oh really? Huh, so the chicken really did come before the egg...OH! Oh, hello there! Hehe...well, despite that awkward moment, I'm very pleased that I have a blog. I can finally share my writing with the random people out there who actually read this. I have no idea why they will, but....