Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dream Guardians Part 14

Well, this took so much longer than it needed to. But now it's done and posted, before I go on vacation, so it's all good, even if it's poorly written. Also, I thought I'd say...OC Soot Featherwing's name was inspired by one of my Shugo Chara's, who I named Soot. Who happens to have hatched from an egg with a feather on it. But that's where the similarities end, because they don't look alike...or act alike...or....yeah.

The word count on the story part of this post is 666. Should I be worried?

“Come on, woman!” Erza shouted at Holo.  “Left, left!  Left, right, left!  Move it!  It’s just stairs!”

Holo was sprawled on the landing below Erza, gasping for breath.  “I…can’t…move.  Go on without meeee!” she wailed dramatically.

Erza twitched.  “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO DRAGGED ME OUT OF BED AT THIS TIME, GOSH DARNIT!”  With that, Erza sprinted back down the stairs, grabbed Holo’s ankles, and dragged her up the stairs.

Holo screamed.  “Okay! OKAY!  I can walk!  Lemme go!”

The two continued on in silence for a while.  Finally, they reached the door that would lead them to the roof.

“So…” Holo started, glanced at Erza.

Erza scowled, and pushed her friend forward.  “You first!”

“No way!”

After much grumbling and shoving, Erza and Holo ended up both squeezing through the door at the same time.  Erza tripped over Holo’s shoelace, though, and the two of them ended up sprawled on the hard concrete of the roof.

“I thought I told Shana to come alone.”  The two girls scrambled to their feet, looking around for the source of the voice.

Mei stepped out of the shadows, holding an empty can of sleeping gas, and smirked.  “Oh well.”

Erza gasped and pointed.  Holo’s eyes followed the direction of her finger.  There, lying in a crumpled heap on the roof, was Shana.  Rage began to bubble up in Holo, but it was stopped by a tug in her gut.

A very, very familiar tug in her gut.

While Mei was ranting about how she had them now, Holo sneaked a glance at Erza.  Erza caught her eye, and Holo knew that she had felt it too:

The charas were coming back.

“Oh my God…” Holo breathed.  Mei whirled around to face her.

“What did you say?” she snapped.

Erza butted in.  “Holo said ‘You are God’,” Erza chirped innocently.  Holo struggled to keep in her giggles.  It didn’t work.

Mei narrowed her eyes.  “I wouldn’t be laughing if I were you, Pikachu-Wolf-Girl,” she snarled, making a very uncalled for jab at Holo’s PJ’s.  Doru floated up next to her.  “Unlock-” Mei started to say the incantation to character transform.

She didn’t get very far, though, as Holo tackled Mei almost as soon as she started speaking.  Erza dashed across the roof, and hauled Shana nearer to Holo.

Mei managed to throw Holo off of her and stood up, glaring daggers.  Holo scrambled over to Erza and helped her support Shana.  Mei stalked toward them, and the trio backed up (well, Holo and Erza shuffled awkwardly backwards, seeing as Shana was still asleep).  Their enemy raised her fist as to hit them.  Erza and Holo managed to scramble around, so as to be able to move forward.

But that didn’t go over well, seeing as they had reached the edge of the roof.

“Oh no,” Erza had time to choke out, just as Shana’s eyes flew open, and Mei pushed them off the roof.

The three girls screamed as they plummeted to the concrete below.

Holo was thinking about her funeral when there was a small “pop”.  And then a small, chibi girl was floating in front of Holo’s face as she fell.

Her red eye nearly bugged out of her head.  “Oh my freaking God,” Holo gasped.  “SOOT!”

Soot the chara grinned.  “Hello, deary!  Long time no see!”

Mouth wide, Holo glanced over at her falling friends.  Shana’s chara Micky was floating in front of her.  In Erza’s face was Dorothy.

Holo gulped and looked at the approaching ground.  “So, Soot, how’re we gonna get out of this one?  ‘Cause I don’t feel like going splat today and-”

Holo stopped speaking and stared harder at the ground.  Small figures of people seemed to be approaching, and one of them seemed to have pink hair.  There also happened to be a big, fluffy, brown dog standing almost directly below them, barking extremely loudly.  And Soot kept glancing at the dog and people, then back at Holo, wearing a Cheshire grin.




  1. YYYAAAAAAAYYYY~ It's done! I loved every moment of it! Now the story is even better, the epica return of Professor Walnut! All I have is one question...
    Who's writing the next part?

  2. YAY, I'm glad you like it~

    You're writing the nest part, LOL.