Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thalia Circe

This is a picture of my OC I drew. NO, I did not forget to do her eyes. I only fill in eyes when I color them ^^

(EDIT: Oh my God, I forgot her bag and sword sheath. Sorry xD)

(EDIT 2: I didn't give her detailed fingers either...her hands are just blobs...)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dream Guardians Part 8

Too tired to add the links to all the other parts right now. Will do so later.


Holo didn’t want to follow Il.  It had seemed weird to her that, since during the last big battle Utau (Il’s owner) had been on their side, Il hadn’t been stolen.  But since Amu and Yaya seemed intent on running everything and had herded Erza, Shana, and herself out the door after Il, Holo had kept her trap shut.  Now she really wished that she hadn’t.

As soon as they stepped foot outside, two figures had stepped out of the shadows under a tree.  Yaya brightened.

“Utau-tan!  Ikuto-kun!” she shouted excitedly, waving at Hoshina Utau and Tsukiyomi Ikuto.  Then she faltered.  “H-huh…?”

Ceise Mei stepped out of the shadows behind Ikuto and Utau, grinning.  “Surprise.”

 The girls quickly drew into a protective huddle.  “What do we do?” Amu fretted.

Erza looked at the tree and grimaced.  Holo followed her gaze, spotting two more figures still in the tree.  She turned to Amu.  “We fight them.”

Amu whirled on her.  “With what?” she spat.  “Yaya’s and mine charas where stolen!  And you and your friends just had to go and lose yours!”

A stunned silence fell over the small group.  Shana fixed Amu with an intense gaze while Holo looked down and Erza looked to the side.

“Are you’re just going to give up?” Shana asked coolly.  “That’s not the Amu I thought I knew.  I, for one, will fight with everything I got.”

Holo’s crimson eyes widened as Shana made the motion of pulling a sword from a sheath.  In her hand now lay a light sword, glinting in the barely-there sunlight.  “The Nieteno no Shana,” Holo breathed.

“I knew I’d get it again,” Shana said, gazing at the sword proudly.  Then she turned to Holo and quirked an eyebrow.  “Yo, wolf-girl.”

Holo’s eyes went wider as she grabbed the sides of her head.  Instead of her normal ears, her hands were met with soft fur as they gripped the wolf ears protruding from her head.  Glancing behind her, Holo caught sight of a wolf tail.  She grinned broadly.  “I. Am.  Amazing,” she declared.

Erza was frowning.  “How come I don’t get cool stuff?” she complained, just as she started glowing.  Once the glow stopped, Erza was left standing in knight’s armor, holding a sword at was almost as big as her.  “Dude, I’m a freaking knight!”

“A very cute knight at that.”

The girls turned to face the speaker.  The two figures in the tree had jumped down.  One was a cloaked girl, with close-cropped brown hair and different colored eyes – one blue, one green.  She was staring straight at Holo.  The other was a young man – Holo didn’t register his looks.  He was grinning, though, singling him out as the speaker.

Beside Holo, Erza fumed.  “Cute? CUTE!?”  she screeched, whirling on her friends.  “Ready to kick their butts?”

Shana nodded and Holo grinned.  “Ready, Freddy.”

Erza frowned.  “My name’s not Freddy.”

Holo shrugged.  “It is now.”

Mei coughed.  “We’re still here, you know.”

“Ah, right.”

Shana and Mei leapt at each other, and Erza jumped at the man, giving a battle cry.  The girl who had been staring at Holo lunged for her.  Not having a cool weapon, Holo flung herself at her attacker, swinging her leg out in a huge roundhouse kick.  The girl took the hit to the chest and was tossed back.

Holo grinned again.  “You don’t look like a talker, so I guess I won’t hear you’re name.  I’m going to call you Narnia.”

The newly-dubbed Narnia said nothing.

Shrugging, Holo leapt forward with incredible speed (‘Thank you wolf genes’ she thought).  Holo clamped her hands down hard on Narnia’s ears before jumping back.  Narnia cried out in pain as blood trickled from a ruptured eardrum.  Out of the corner of her eye, Holo saw Amu and Yaya locked in hand-to-hand struggles with Ikuto and Utau.  Nodding, Holo turned and lunged at her antagonist again. 


I'm ending it there. I'm just that evil. A few things:

1) Yes, in the anime, Holo's ego is huge. I think it rivals that of Skulduggery. Maybe. Anyway, I felt it fitting to give Holo in the story a big ego too ^^ (shown when she declares that she's amazing).
2) Yes, I didn't describe the man because he is Mir's archenemy and she gets to choose everything about hi,.
3) Yes, I'm going to call my archenemy 'Narnia' until I think of a better name. Lol.
4) Yes, Holo will call Erza 'Freddy' to annoy her. Mir, you are free to come up with a name for annoying Holo as well ^^

Excuse any spelling/ grammar errors. I proof-read it, but as I am falling asleep in my chair, there may be some things I didn't catch. Mir will post the next part.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Helloooooo everyone! HAPPY EASTER!


Ehem. Sorry, excuse my joyousness. I promise, it'll be over by tomorrow.

In case you're thinking "Where's part 3 of your fanfic, and part 8 of Dream Guardians, and the prologue to Trivial Things...." etc., I have an explanation.

Part 3 of my fanfic is almost done. It's been written for quite awhile, but I'm changing a lot of it, so it's taking some time. Part 8 of Dream Guardians will be up tomorrow if I don't have a lot of homework. I started it Friday night, but I was half asleep and it was yeah. Today I was busy with family, and yesterday I lost inspiration and just didn't want to do anything. But luckily, my brief laps into the world of uncaring-ness is over, and I know what's going to happen. Heh. Trivial Things is a more of a side project right now, but I really want to work on it and the prologue will be done.....soon.

Hathor and The Story That Lacks a Title and Probably Won't Ever Get One are on hold while I get caught up on my other work. I'm really motivated right now, and I would be working on all those things right this instant, but it's past my bedtime, and I'd rather not be too grumpy tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone a bit of info. Night all! Once again, happy Easter.

Friday, April 22, 2011

SC (Shugo Chara) Fanfiction: Dream Guardians Part 5

This is part five. Mir will write part six and post it on her blog.


The day so far had been boring.  Shana and Holo had tried to ignore the awkwardness they had with the Guardians.  Erza, on the other hand, had pestered them with questions and seemed completely at ease.  Now it was a free period, but in the rush of students, Holo had lost Erza and Shana and was now just wandering around.  She hoped at least they were together.

“Miss, you’re breaking the dress code.”

Holo glanced over her shoulder to see Hotori Tadase standing behind her, his arms crossed in a scolding manner.

“Oh my God,” Holo muttered, turning around completely.  “I do not need this.”

Tadase continued, acting as if he hadn’t heard her.  “But, since it’s your first day here, I’ll let you off with a warning.  Don’t do it again.”

Quirking an eyebrow at him, Holo glanced down at herself.  She was wearing a baggy black sweatshirt instead of the required blazer.  Holo lifted her eyes back up, and cocked her head at Tadase.

“Dude, don’t you recognize me?”

Tadase looked at her weirdly.  “I’ve never seen you before in my life.”

Sighing, Holo pushed her heavy bangs out of her crimson eyes.  Tadase gasped.


Holo rolled her eyes.  “No, I’m Holo’s evil twin sister from the other side of the mirror.  I’m here to steal your mortal soul and use it to make shoes.”  Tadase looked horrified, and she grinned.
“BOO!” Holo hollered, leaping forward a bit.  Shrieking femininely, Tadase bolted away.  Satisfied, Holo turned and walked back down the hall.  After about five minutes, she caught sight of two familiar redheads.

“Erza, Shana!”  The two girls turned and grinned when they saw Holo.

Erza looked at her with concern.  “Where were you?”

“Got lost.”

Shana nodded, before her grin spread.  “I saw Tadase running away like a frightened kitten.  Was that your doing?”



“Hey, guys?”

Holo turned to Shana as she bit into her sandwich.  Unlike their normal school, Seiyo Elementary didn’t have a designated lunch room.  Not having anywhere else to go, the trio had managed to lodge themselves and their lunches in between a staircase and a window.  Holo was quite certain that they were stuck.

“Yeah?” Erza asked, bringing Holo out of her musing.

Shana shifted her position before replying.  “Two things – wait, no, make that three.  First, we look really weird.”

Holo couldn’t help but agree.  Shana was lying on the floor, curled around her lunch like a cat.  Erza had her legs up against the staircase and her back to the window, making a V shape.  Holo had managed to get herself stuck in crisscross-applesauce about two feet off the ground (A/N: I've actually gotten stuck like this. But in a tree).  “I don’t know if we can get out,” she confessed.

Erza looked around before nodding.  “Yeah, you’re right.  They might have to call the fire department.  Hey, you know what would be really cool?  If they used explosives.  But then we’d probably die, so that’s not very good.  But then again-”

“Ehem,” Shana coughed.

“Err…sorry,” Erza said awkwardly.  “Continue.”

Shana rolled her eyes.  “Anyway, as I was saying, number two.  Do either of you still have your charas?”

Erza dropped her eyes to the floor and Holo fiddled with a piece of her hawk dappled hair.  After a moment, both girls shook their heads.

“Okay.  Neither do I.  That’s why I quit the Guardians.  Holo, I know that you did because you were acting weird around them, so no need to say anything,” Shana said.  “And lastly.  Were either of you able to see the Guardians’ charas?  I couldn’t.”

Erza answered immediately.  “No.  Nope.  Nada.  Zip chara count.  Ix-nay on the aras-chay today.”

Frowning, Holo thought back.  “No…now that I think of it, I couldn’t see any.”

“Wait.  Are we losing our ability to see charas now too?”  Erza demanded.  “Wasn’t losing the charas themselves enough?”

“It doesn’t make sense,” Shana mused quietly.  “Every other time Holo and I’ve lost charas, we could still see them.”

“That’s what makes me think that we’re not losing our chara-seeing ability,” Holo murmured.  “And they…it doesn’t seem like the Guardians’ charas went back into their hearts.  They seemed more angry than upset.  Which leaves only one theory left, and, honestly, it almost makes losing your charas look like nothing.”

Shana and Erza stared at Holo.  They looked dead serious, ready to hear whatever horrible conclusion she had come to.

Holo took a deep breath, and then looked levelly at her friends.  “Their charas were stolen.”

Then the window beside them exploded.



Thursday, April 21, 2011

SC (Shugo Chara) Fanfiction: Dream Guardians Part 2

Mar wrote part one:

Mir will write part 3 and post it on her blog:

The first three parts will basically be the same time period (the morning), but from each of our 'characters' points of view. We don't actually own these characters, but they're part of this cross fiction ^^ We do, however, own our charas. Heh. Anyway, lots of back story in these three parts, the real stuff will start in part 4. Starting there we won't do this 'same time from everyone's point of view for three parts' thing because then you'd all maybe get bored. No, starting part 4, we'll each continue the story on, but switching to our respective characters points of view. See, that's the best part of these multi-author fanfictions. You get to see where your friends are going to take it, and you just roll with it, adding your own thoughts. Ok, I'm going to shut up now. I just thought that I'd tell you all this info, I thought it was important.

A feminine figure looked down from the window of an apartment building at the small girl crossing the street.  The figure watched the girl – Holo – carefully, noting her every move.  All she could do was watch for now, but soon that would change.

“You better prepare yourself, Miss Holo…”


Koshimizu Holo strode into the school.  As soon as she entered the main lobby, all side conversations stopped, and the whispers about her began.

“Did you see her…?”

“Shouted at that kid for tearing up her writing…”

“….never calm at all….”

“…mentally insane…”

Holo, accustomed to the whispers, walked on, ignoring the new stares she got.  She suspected it was because of her hair.  Previous to today, her hair had been an odd, auburn-ish orange color, and completely straight.  Holo had gotten bored with it, and yesterday had ran to the convenience store and bought a ton of hair dye.  She then proceeded to dye her hair with dark maroon, burgundy, and various shades of brown.  After attacking her locks with the kitchen scissors, Holo’s hair was still long, but left choppy and layered, dappled to look like the plumage of a hawk.  She liked it. (A/N: The anime character Holo's hair is actually the orange color thing, but I have a obsession with hawks, so I changed it.)

The rain was still pouring down.  Since there was still about ten minutes before the first bell rang, Holo paused by a door and leaned her forehead against the cool glass.  Despite the rumors, Holo was calm when it was raining.  Her heart fell into rhythm with the steady beat of the rain.  Holo vaguely wondered what her friends Hakumei Shana and Scarlet Erza were doing before her mind settled on her charas.

Holo felt a familiar pang in her heart, and grimaced.  Over the past week, her charas had been disappearing.  She had had around 70, not all at once, but still had them.  At first, Holo had been trying to convince herself that they had just gone a trip to Mexico, but now she accepted the truth: Her charas were gone.  They had gone back into her heart.  Sighing dejectedly, Holo tried to ignore the sense of emptiness that came with losing Song.  Song had been with her for a long time, representing courage and energy, and pretty much made Holo who she was today.  Losing her sucked.


Holo whirled around, only to realize that she was standing knee-deep in water.  Students were scrambling towards the doors, tripping over their feet and flailing in the water.  Panic mounting in her chest, Holo only thought of one thing.



Uhh...this isn't very well written. Actually, I think it's horribly written. So sorry about that, but I needed to get that back story in there somewhere. My next part will be better (hopefully). Mar and Mir's parts will always be amazing. Period. Read Mar's part first! Mir's will be up soon. Oh, and, because this takes place in Japan, last names go first.

Ok, I'm going to go to bed now. Bye bye.

(Maybe that's why it's not written too well...I'm half asleep here :P)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a Day

It just started off weird.

Mar, Mir, a couple other of our friends and I were standing awkwardly in the over-crowd front lobby waiting for the bell to ring so we could go to class. My friend Ty has a different science teacher because she's on the other 'team' of our grade. Her teacher came up and Ty asked him "Where's my soup?" This was the following conversation:

Teacher: Huh?
Ty: You said you would buy me a can of soup.
Teacher: OH! Yeah, you see, when I said "You deserve a can of soup", I meant that you should go buy yourself one.
Ty: No, you said you'd buy me a can of soup.
Teacher: Ah, yes, well, I lied.
Ty: I want my soup.
Teacher: Well, just go to Heinens, and there's a isle labeled 'Soup'. Just go in there and you'll see all different kinds of soup!
Ty: What? No!

Then the bell rang. We were all laughing.

Last period in English, I scared Mar by drawing Munchers for a project and telling her about it in my creepiest voice. Teehee.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Story That Lacks a Title and Probably Won't Ever Get One - Prologue

A young girl darted through the street.  She clung to the shadows like a life line, not daring to enter the light of the lampposts.  A tall figure stepped in front of her, and she stopped abruptly, sliding a small knife into her hand.

The figure smirked down at the girl.  “Well, well, so now little girls are used to carry out assassinations, huh, Ari?”  The figure – an adolescent male, by his voice – reached down and flicked off Ari’s hood.

Light blond curls fell from the hood, perfectly framing her small face.  Ari turned her eyes – a strange, amethyst-like purple – toward the man, but said nothing.

The man leaned toward her face.  “Well?” he said.  “I asked you a question.”

“I know, but I chose not to acknowledge it with an answer,” Ari said slowly.  Then her face hardened.  “And I’m not little, Tallow.”

Tallow looked her over and sneered.  “You’re six and a half.  Yeah, sis, you’re little.”  He leaned closer, about to make another degrading comment, and Ari punched him in the face.

He staggered back, and Ari closed in, slashing his arm with her knife.  Tallow howled in pain and swung a kick at her face.  Ari caught his foot and twisted.  He collapsed to the ground and Ari jumped on his stomach, knocking Tallow’s breath out of him.  Satisfied that she had won, Ari turned on her heel and walked away.  Suddenly there was the sound of a gun going off, and Ari crumpled to the ground, clutching her bleeding leg.  Tallow staggered over to Ari.  He glared down at her and started kicking her.

“You little brat,” Tallow hissed.  “I’m going to kill you.”

Ari coughed, blood splattering the concrete by her head.  Pushing down her fear, Ari raised her head and looked at Tallow defiantly.

He gazed at her face, registering the defiant look in her eyes, her will to live, and for a second something like pity flickered in Tallow’s eyes.  Ari thought that, maybe, he was remembering their childhood, the four short, happy years they had spent with their parents.  Then Tallow’s eyes hardened again, and he shook his head sadly.

“Even here, in the face of death, you still refuse to give up?” Tallow shook his head again.  “It’s that attitude that killed our parents, you know.”

A cold, sudden silence filled the street.  Tallow’s eyes widened, as if he had just realized that he had done something wrong.  Taking his foot off her side, Tallow backed away from Ari, looking at her with a mixture of horror and surprise.  Ari pushed herself into a sitting position, her purple eyes cold and calculating.
Ari glared at Tallow.  At his accusing words, Fury had woken up.  It uncoiled from around her spine and sunk its fangs to her heart.  Its sweet, dangerous poison ran through her veins.  Ari’s eyes began to glow softly.  Tallow panicked.

“Ari, sweetheart, I was just kidding,” he tried.  “No one blames you.”

Ari’s eyes glowed more intensely.  “You blame me,” she told him, “and I’m not sweet.”

Tallow turned and ran, just as the ground where he had been standing exploded.  He looked over his shoulder at her and his eyes showed his bloodlust.

“Next time,” he hissed, “I’ll kill you.”  Then there was a small puff of smoke, and Tallow was gone.

Ari’s small shoulders slumped forward and her eyes stopped glowing.  Fury, its work done, withdrew from her heart and settled back around her spine.  Ari tenderly touched her leg, then withdrew her hand with a hiss of pain.  She needed to get back to base and get it looked at before she lost too much blood.  Pushing herself to her feet, Ari grimaced at the pain in her ribs.  Two, maybe three were broken.  It was hard to breath, but Ari couldn’t tell if that was from physical exertion or a punctured lung.  Either way, it couldn’t be good.  Sure, Ari was a trained assassin, but she was only six.

‘Six and a half,’ Voice One reminded her.

‘Only six and a half?’ Voice Two questioned.  ‘I thought she was seven!’

‘No you idiot,’ Voice Three grumbled.

Ari sighed at the sudden return of the Voices.  At least numbers Four and Five weren’t present.

‘Okay, all of you, shut up,’ she thought and, for once, they did as she asked.  Sighing again, Ari turned and limped back into the shadows.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Difference - A Poem

Heh....a poem I wrote spontaneously.....honestly, I'm not sure what to make of it. This is the first poem I've written for non school purposes that doesn't have the words 'death' or 'die' in it. I know, I'm such a cheery person.


Now listen here
And let me tell you a tale
Of when the cat chased the dog
And the fish ate the whale

The cat was fed up
With being chased around
So it turned on its heel
And started chasing the hound

The dog was surprised
To say the least
And suddenly wished
That the cat had a leash

The cat chased the dog
All round the barn
Until it got distracted
By a ball of yarn

The dog didn’t wait
It took its chance
And ran from the barn
Ending this dance

The fish was fed up
With watching the whale eat others
So it gathered its courage
And got revenge for its brothers

The whale was shocked
That one little fish
Would be strong enough
To put it on the dish

But the fish wasn’t finished
It opened its mouth wide
And took the whale in its fins
And stuffed it inside

The key difference here
Between the dog and the whale
Is that while the whale couldn’t escape
The dog was lucky enough to bail



Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Some pictures of my everyday surroundings. I saw Aquila's and Hellboy's posts with pictures of Australia and Germany and it inspired me to do this. But I can't very well say "Look! It's the U.S.!" because our country is just so large and has so many different climates. Ah well, on with the pictures~

Pine trees and the gloomy sky.

Bare trees.

What's this!? Something's alive? IT'S A MIRACLE!
(I'm totally exaggerating).

More gray sky.


And, yep, you guessed it, more gray sky!

Ehhh....that's it. Those are the best shots I could get from my windows ^^ Anyway, check Mar's blog for more pictures of our 'horrible' weather! (I don't know if she posted the pictures yet though...)

Edit: Mar DIDN'T post the pictures yet. Roar. The only reason I call our weather horrible is because, while I love it, so many fancy shmancy magazines vote our city one of the worst in the U.S. because of the weather. Pffft, lies. But it IS sunny today....odd.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Trivial Things - Summary

Edit: I changed the title because I think this is going to get more serious as it goes on, and the other title was something I came up with in a rush. The title now is actually the name of a Vocaloid song I like.

A new story. Don't worry, I'll continue with the others, but I had this idea and it was just like....yes. It's a Skulduggery Pleasant and Shugo Chara cross fiction. Don't worry if you haven't watched the anime Shugo Chara, you can still read the story. All you really need to know is that chara's are little chibi people that hatch out of your 'hearts egg' and represent your 'true self'. And the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key are some magical things that go together (I still don't know what they're actually for). Ok? Ok. Begin summary....NOW.


Darq isn't really your average middle school girl. She and her best friend Alice - more commonly known as Ice - have the perfect personalities for each other. Both are hyper, spastic, and have questionable sanity. And they adore the Skulduggery Pleasant series. Re-reading the books and discussing them is a favorite pass time of theirs. Closely followed by making fun of Shugo Chara! characters.

But what if, during an evacuation drill at their school one day, Darq and Ice are left behind? What if the characters from the Skulduggery books, primarily the bad guys, seem to be popping up all over the school? What if they find the magical Humpty Lock and Dumpty key from Shugo Chara!? And what if there are rabbits involved?

Too bad those aren't 'what if's'. Too bad Darq and Ice really are locked in their huge, creepy school with a bunch of lunatic killers and an entire army of evil rabbits. Armed with only a frying pan, rice paddle that's actually a canoe paddle, the slim hope of breaking out, absolutely no plan, and their knowledge of the world of Skulduggery, what do Darq and Ice do?

They blame the bunnies.


This is a horrible summary but meh. The story will be better. The original idea for this was generated by Mar talking about rabid rabbits during a writing club yesterday after school. I was looking through Mortal Coil, and the word 'rabbits' made me think of Scapegrace with an army of bunnies at his command. And thus, this story was born. Darq and Ice are two of my OC's, but Ice represents Mar and Darq represents me. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


-is starting to drive me around the proverbial bend. There are some fanfictions that I really want to read, and I haven't been able to yet. I also have two pictures, a story, and probably some other things I forgot about that I need to send to Mar. And an old book I need to read before the movie comes to theaters near my house. I must accomplish these things. They need accomplishing. But there's just that one thing standing in my way...

Curse you, homework. Curse you.

Monday, April 4, 2011

School and Other Things

Spring break is OVER. I'm now back in school. That joyous thought also includes mounds of homework and waking up at 6:35 everyday. Hooray.

So, about my SP Fanfiction. I know where I'm going with it. I have it all planned out in my head, but I'm not going to start writing it out until I get Part 3 typed and up. Mir, a crazy wheelchair, more of my OC's,  and the main plot will be introduced starting in Part 4. Skul-man, Val, Fletcher, Ghastly will come in at Part 5. China will come in later. Part 4 is going to be long.

That paragraph was just a brief preview of what's to come.

I started writing Part 3 of Hathor today. One of my OC's will be in both Hathor and my SP Fanfic, because he's just that cool. He gets injured in both though. I like hurting him. Does that make me a sadist?

Okay, I seriously need to go finish my homework now so I can go read people's fanfictions.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Ok. I'm working on getting Part 3 of my SP Fanfiction up. It's all written, I just need to type it. Which might take awhile, as on Monday I'll be thrown back into school.

About my Hathor story. Yeah, I'm gonna continue that. I would go nuts if I didn't, because what I have would be a terrible ending. Terrible terrible terrible.

Umm...other things....I may write a few one-shot SP stories here and know...just to take my mind off things. Ok? Ok, bye.