Tuesday, February 26, 2013

On Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales - A Poem

Another copy change, based on On Turning Ten by Billy Collins.

Written nearly four months ago.  I don't have much else to say about this.


On Bedtime Stories and Fairy Tales

The whole idea of it makes me feel
Like maybe nothing I know is real.
All of it is void, useless dust
And I’m a flicker-flame, and I must, I must
I must...
Must what?

You tell me these stories, then say they aren’t true
But do I really believe in you?
The dragons burned up the knights; they are long gone -
Just like my ocean and my ancient, dead gods.
If you’d sing me lies to sleep, then how can I trust
That everything else isn’t corrupted by pride, envy, and lust?
Once upon a time, I’d gladly give over power
And wait for Happily Ever After, locked up in my tower.

But now I am wiser; I’ve seen through owl’s eyes,
And I’ve seen past the magic and castle disguise.
Another prince.
Another knight.
Another evil.
Another fight.
More towers, more monsters.
More love at first sight.

This is the beginning of an uproarious cheer.
Give me your hands, this is something they have to hear!
There is no time to wait for some kid on a stallion -
He won’t be joining in on this rebellion.
You say it’s the witches who deserve to be burned,
But I swear to you, this isn’t what I’ve learned.

It seems like only yesterday I thought it was all true.
But I see now, all that I thought I knew...
It’s all been washed clean, painted fresh with rain.
The storybook of roses, someday I’ll set it aflame.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love Poem to the Sandman

Yooooooooooo what up

I was going to post the first Power of the Pen story last week.  Like, alternate poems and stories every two weeks?  But then I got sick and then I got busy and I still haven't typed the story up, so here's another poem!  My LA teacher read some poems by Catherine Pierce and liked her idea of writing love poems to things you normally wouldn't write love poems to, so he had us do that.  I haven't read any of her poems myself, so it's not really a copy change, it's just sort of inspired by her.  Anyway.  I like to sleep and was really tired as I wrote this, but I didn't want to write to just sleep, so I wrote to the Sandman because heck, the guy does a lot, with bringing dreams to people and all.  I also saw the movie Rise of the Guardians recently, and as much as I love the rest of those dorks, Sandy was my absolute favorite <3

Golly I write too much up here.


Love Poem to the Sandman

A thousand words paint a picture
But a thousand words isn’t enough
To accurately describe to others what I see
Every night that you come knocking on my window
And, sir, to be frank with you
I don’t even think
That ten thousand words would suffice
But who knows
It might

You don’t come every night
Because where would the fun be in that?  No,
You are not uncaring, just busy
And I can understand the feeling
Of not being able to always be there
For the people you love

But that doesn’t stop the nights alone
From slowly humdruming their way on by
Disconsolate and wearisome
With the sighing harmonies of classical violins playing
Volume turned down low, just background noises
As I try in vain to chase down and catch and consume
The magnificent adventures you always bring

But when you are able to slip away
From the rest of the world and visit me
You always have an embrace reserved for me
Sometimes you hold on too tight, and
Sometimes there’s something that infuriates you
Or scares you
And you show it too me too
Even if I don’t want to see, don’t want to know
Just so you can have someone
Who is just as scared and angry as you

But most times, we’re okay
And your arms are kind and your words are sweet
You pick apart my mind
But lovingly, but carefully
Knowing me better than I think anyone should
Except, perhaps
No, probably
No, definitely
Definitely except you
And you treat each piece of me as though it has more worth
Than all the king’s horses and all the king’s men
And you’re always able to put me back together again

We steal out through the window
Like Peter Pan and Wendy
Off to places far more wondrous
Than Neverland ever could be
And hours later we’ll stumble back

A secret kiss goodnight
And you’re never there in the morning
You’re busy, can’t spend all your time with me
I know
I understand
I’ve got places to be too
But I know that soon enough
You’ll tap on my window again

A thousand words paint a picture, sir
But I think it would take more words
Than there are grains of sand
To paint a dream