Tuesday, October 15, 2013



So I just wanted to give you all an update about what's happening with this blog and the writing currently on it, as it's been a while since I've done one of those.


Not the URL, just the title.  I'm going to go from "You're All Late For Tea!" to one of four options:
  • "I, Astrophil"
  • "1500 Years Late With Starbucks"
  • "To Boldly Go"
  • "Ex Astris, Scientia"
I haven't decided which yet.  If you like one best, feel free to tell me?  That probably won't end up influencing my decision though.  And yes, two of those are Star Trek references.  No, I don't care.


There are multiple reasons for this.  This first and foremost is that last year, I participated for the second and last time (I'm too old now) in a state writing competition.  There were three big tournaments, and meetings with my school's team every week.  I ended up wining the whole thing, which was super amazing!  But I was writing stories.  Stories based on prompts that I had to write in 40 minutes (except at the state tournament - then we had 35 minutes for the first three rounds, and 30 for the fourth one).  So that took a lot out of me!  I've had trouble writing finished stories since.  I'm not sure why.

Eventually I will type up my favorite stories that I wrote last year (of the practice ones - I will post ALL the tournament ones).  I'll write more about those when I post the first one, which hopefully will be soon, once I get some housekeeping done.

I've been writing a couple other stories too, although it is slow going.  I'm very very busy this year, so please be patient!

As for all my fanfictions - please be even more patient with those.  They're kind of on the back-burner right now.


I do NOT have a lot of time at all this year.  All of the poems I've posted since the start of the school year have been written on the weekends, or super late at night when I should be sleeping but can't.  So please be patient with my sporadic posting.  Sleep and school comes before anything else.

Fourthly:  MUSIC

I really really like music.  I might have some questionable choices sometimes but for the most part my taste in music is PRETTY DAMN GOOD (thanks Mom and Dad!!).  So I'm going to post a song or two every week, maybe with my favorite lyrics from the song too.  You don't have to listen to them, but I like to share things I like!!

So that's it.  That's all I have to say.  I have no way to end this.

Here's a song!

Beautiful Machine (Parts 3-4) by The Apples In Stereo

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anatomy - A Poem

poetry more like [loud screaming] [sounds of explosions] [lord of the rings soundtrack] [blood sacrifice] [the "where no man has gone before" speech plays softly in the distance]


a monster lives inside of me
she made her home in my chest
for a long time she was angry
and she woke me from my rest
but i made my peace with her
just over a year ago
she's no longer mad, but she won't leave
and that's all i really know

there's a demon in my stomach
but from there she strays, she makes trips
and all my offerings of peace
have fallen dead from my lips
i feel her in my muscles, sometimes,
in my throat and in my head
i don't think she will ever go away
so i'll just live with her instead

there's a ghost that lives close
just under my first layer of skin
she's friends with the demon half the time
and sometimes i feel her sagging in
i do not know whose she is
but maybe she is mine
mostly she's quiet, just humming, buzzing,
and i can deal with that just fine

a skeleton lives in my bones
she wormed her way inside
sometimes if i feel too stiff or full
i know that she is why
i don't know why she's here
i already have a skeleton of my own
she doesn't speak or make any noise
just gives me a second set of bones

a monster lives inside of me
she made her home in my chest
sometimes, now, late at night
i'll be awake while she's at rest
she's heavier then, i think,
while i carry the weight of us both
and remember how i was, how i am,
and hope, and hope, and hope

Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Crooked Thing - A Poem

Title is from "Brown Penny" by W.B. Yeats (favorite poem go read it).

Also, this poem is trash and rhyming is hard.



The Crooked Thing

There is no pressure in my chest
Or lively chorus from therein
No thoughts of another will plague my rest
No feeling of fire on my skin

My heart will not go dancing, no
Nothing quite enough to catch my gaze
I don't know much, but of what I do know
It is a silly, foolish, self-induced haze

Nothing last for everything
Adolescent feelings not exempt
So tell me then, would you, why
Would I let my heart strings get so unkempt?

And if I read tall tales of love
And shining knights saving the day
And archetypes dying for thereof
If you saw, what would you say?

I was not lying, do not accuse
I do not know that feeling
And after it has simply become a bruise
My heart will not go beating

I can smile as the stories of others
But I do not wish for one of my own
For my favorite stories are of sisters, brothers
Friendship, not love, written in stone

You yearn someone else, you let them in
And I watch as you lower down your walls
And perhaps my silence was the greatest sin
As once again I watch you tumble and fall

But I am gentle, I do my best
Not to cast such notions so far away
Yet again you longed for the beating within another's chest
And if it is foolish to me, what should I say?

So through all the knives and tender lies
I will keep my chin held aloft
And when I break, there won't be butterflies
For I'd rather be filled with wasps