Friday, August 31, 2012

I Had to Write a Poem About Myself (and it has no title)


It was for Language Arts.  It's....mfdngkvbnoidfg.  It's a poem.  We had to use this ridiculous template.  Each line started with 'I' and then some other word and we had to fill in the rest.  I felt so narcissistic writing it, and I still feel that way posting it.  I was going to switch it around a little or something, but no, I'm too lazy.  I pretty much destroyed the template anyway, so...yeah.  Read.  Maybe enjoy.  Please don't die.

I am the time traveller
Carrying history in the pockets
Of my old blue coat
I wonder about the things that no one remembers
The people who lived and died and fell out of our books
I hear them whistling as they walk away forever
Hoping that they will be okay,
But not really sure, and
I want to know their names

I am the dying declaration of François Rabelais
For I'm searching for something too big, too wild
To be anything other than a 'Perhaps'
I pretend to have my head on the ground even when
I feel my hands trying to hold the universe
I touch the words and reach for them as they fall
Cascading around me from some place too far
Where, exactly, I do not know
And, God, I wish I did
I worry about not letting anyone lose themselves to the world
I cry when another is gone
And the pain of caring shreds my lungs

I am the mad sailor, lost on stormy seas
Commander of an empty ship, a long-lost library
I understand that I am drowning in mortality
As though I'm dripping with kerosene
Waiting to be set alight
I say that talking doesn't help
That I'd like to be left alone with my words, thank you very much
I dream about watching time and space unfold
Having everything that's ever been close at hand
I try my best to
I hope that when I die, at my funeral
People will have the common decency to wear smiles
And bright colors and good stories
And remember me as I was
Because I will still be the moment collector,
The lonely sea captain,
The last words
I am a girl with a long way to go before she burns