Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Short Previews of Stuff

Some short previews of some stuff I'm working on

Ubiquitous chapter three preview:

But the damage is done by then,’ I thought out of nowhere.  ‘As the generations go on, the beliefs are instilled more and more.  We still jump at the noises of the night, glance over our shoulders, and are wary of the shadows.’

Dream Guardians part 13 preview:

“Come on, woman!” Erza shouted at Holo.  “Left, left!  Left, right, left!  Move it!  It’s just stairs!”

Holo was sprawled on the landing below Erza, gasping for breath.  “I…can’t…move.  Go on without meeee!” she wailed dramatically.

Pushing Up Daisies part one preview:

Thalia’s house was, in fact, relatively small.  And there were books everywhere.  Books on the tables, the counters, the cabinets, the floor.  Sometimes you tripped over books.  Other times, they fell on your head.

The books were a hazard enough.  Don’t even think about the explosives.

Hunger Games Fanfic chapter seven (from Nico's point of view) preview:

Okay, so, the Hunger Games.  Big deal, right?  Well, duh.  I mean, even though my District supported Katniss’ rebellion, we were still a Career District.  Once we heard that the Games would still be happening – BOOM!  All the kiddies scrambled over themselves to start training again.  Well, except Laika.  I’d only seen her once or twice before the reaping.  I don’t think she was ever at school.  Homeschooled, maybe?  No, I’ve heard that her parents are dead and she lives by herself.  Freak.


Hurray ;) More things that I haven't started one yet ([Insert Clever Title Here] - Part Two and lots of other stuff) are on the way, along with these~


  1. So your doing part 13? YES! So I will get to read it after all~ I'm looking forward to the point when you finish all of these, keep on writing!

  2. Erza drags Holo up stairs ;)