Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pushing Up Daisies - Part One (OLD VERSION)

IT'S FINALLY DONE! I know I should be working on my part of Dream Guardians. And I am. But this came to me in a burst of inspiration, and I absolutely had to get it down. It's different from what I originally planned, but I like it this way~. Skyril, I really hope I wrote your OC well. And if I didn't, I'm very sorry.

Skyril Oblivion knocked on Thalia’s door again.  Nothing.  She frowned.  Thalia was notorious for opening her door almost immediately after you knocked.

“Thalia?” Skyril called.  No response.

Skyril tried the doorknob, and it opened with ease.  Another frown.  Thalia never left her door unlocked, no matter which safe house she was in.

“Hello?  C’mon, Thal, this isn’t funny,” Skyril said loudly as she walked into the house, knowing her friend would be able to hear her.  Thalia’s house was, in fact, relatively small.  And there were books everywhere.  Books on the tables, the counters, the cabinets, the floor.  Sometimes you tripped over books.  Other times, they fell on your head.

The books were a hazard enough.  Don’t even think about the explosives.

But explosives weren’t on Skyril’s mind right then.  Even her original purpose of coming to the house – to see if Thalia had certain book that China didn’t – had been pushed to the back of her mind.  Because as Skyril searched the small house, she came to a conclusion.  A very, very bad conclusion.

Thalia was not there.  She hadn’t been there since Monday, at least.  And Monday was the day Thalia had started her new job.

Skyril turned and sprinted from the house, heading to the cemetery a few roads over.  Something was terribly wrong.


The man walked into his office, smirking in triumph. The plan had worked perfectly, and now Thalia Jane Circe was in custody.  He hadn’t been informed of the plan while giving the girl the job.  All he had been instructed to do was to give the girl a job that no one else could fill, but make it hard for her to get it, and he was grateful for it.  The girl was a mind reader, after all.  If the man had known, she would have found out.   But now she was captured, and he would be paid.

He sighed contently and looked out the window behind his desk at the graveyard.  Yes, the creepy girl who had taken is coffee was in a horrible place with horrible people, he would soon come into some money, and there had been no grave robberies that day.  All was well in the world.

That is, until, a throwing knife embedded itself in the wall next to his head.

“Where is she?”

The man turned around slowly, his eyes wide with fear.  Standing in the doorway to his office was a girl around fifteen or sixteen, her green eyes narrowed in a glare.  She held three wicked looking daggers in her hand.

He knew who she was talking about, but he wouldn’t let on.  He cleared his throat.  “Excuse me, miss, but who are you, who are you looking for, and why did you throw a knife at my head?”

The girl glared harder.  “Who I am is no concern of yours.  Now, where’s Thalia?”

“Thalia who?”

Another dagger by his head.

The man laughed shakily.  “You have bad aim.”

“I’m not aiming for you,” the girl said.  “Do you want me to be?”


“Thought not.”

The girl sighed.  She held her palm out, and before the man knew what was happening, there was a flash of light, and everything went dark.  She had taken his sight.

“Feel like sharing now?” the girl asked, sounding annoyed.

“Never!” the man shrieked.  Help would be the way by now, and it would be here soon.  There was no way they could have missed a burst of magic like that.

Sure enough, just a minute later, the man heard four pairs of running footsteps.  The girl had time to shout, “Hey, what-” before one of his guards covered her mouth.  There was a long struggle, but eventually the guards overpowered her.

“Feel like giving me my sight back now?” the man taunted.  “Miss Skyril Oblivion?”

Muffled curses followed, and the man laughed.

“My employers will be happy that we’ve captured you as well.”  The man smiled dreamily.  “Maybe they will pay me extra…”

Suddenly the window behind him broke.  The man covered his face to avoid getting glass in his sightless eyes.  Then everything started happening too fast.

His guards cried out in alarm.  There were four, loud thumps that sounded like bodies falling to the ground.  A cold metal circle was being pressed to his head.  He heard the click of a gun.  He still couldn’t see.

“Now, really, four against one?  Not fair,” a young, female voice snapped in his ear.  It didn’t sound like Skyril Oblivion.  He had never heard it before.

“Well, um…” the man stuttered.  The gun was pressed harder against his head.

“Tell us where Thalia is,” the voice commanded.

“She’ll have been taken away by now,” he spat out.

Footsteps.  A knife blade being pressed against his throat.  Skyril Oblivion’s voice sounded annoyed:  “Well, do you know where?”

“No,” he admitted.

The faceless voice sighed.  “Where was she at first?  And, while you’re at it, mind telling us why the hell you kidnapped her in the first place?”

The man considered his options.  He could deny all information, because that’s what his employers would want.  But he really didn’t feel like dying.

And so it was, that, under extreme duress, the man told them everything he knew.


WOO HOO! Who was the stranger who burst through the window? I can't tell you, 'cause I haven't made up her name yet! What's 'the man''s name? I don't have that either!

Heh. I don't really know why I thought this up. I guess I always pictured my OC getting kidnapped. She's just that annoying. I don't even know exactly why she was kidnapped. I'll figure that out in the next part, 'cause some of her point of view should be in it.


  1. Awesome
    Epica fan-fic, Thalia! And you wrote my OC perfectly! :D
    Can't wait for the next part!!!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you like it, Skyril! I'll get the next part out soon!

  3. I can't tell you how much I love this in words, it's brilliant and epica in every way! :D

  4. Thank you so much Mir!