Monday, May 30, 2011

The Road To Nowhere - A Poem

..........Um. Well, you go ahead and read this. I'm going to go wallow in my inability to actually write something HAPPY for a change.

 If I take another step forward
I’ll be on the road to nowhere
The road that the hopeless take
The road for those without a care

Is the journey worth it?
Is this really where I want to go?
Is something waiting for me on the other side?
Something that I just don’t know?

And who really is to say
That the road truly leads to nothing?
Maybe it does go to somewhere
That the stories are all just covering

Maybe I can really get somewhere
If I decide to go this way
But right now I think that choice
Should be reserved for another day

Because right now I’m standing at the crossroad
And I feel perfectly content
I think I’d like to stay here a bit
But I know this is a choice I can’t prevent


I'm such a rubbish poet. Octa, if you could give me some feedback, I'd absolutely love it. You're the best poet I know. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well, since I completely forgot to use the bio form and pretty much lazed through my OC's bio anyway, I re-did it. (Mar, could you delete the old one on Bio-Rama and post this one...? And include my little *  note thing at the end..?)

NAME: Thalia Jane Circe

AGE: 73, looks 13

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOR: Black, a blond dyed streak on the front right side (not in her bags, though)

EYE COLOR: Stormy gray. Turn silver only in moonlight and, while sometimes menacing, are usually warm.

HEIGHT: 5 foot

WEIGHT: Extremely light. Weighs practically nothing, but is in full health. However, she is near impossible to knock down or blow over, which greatly confuses her friends and others she knows. Refuses to tell anyone why.

PERSONALITY: Very sarcastic, but bright and hyper. Tends to talks very fast and very much, but can still be silent. Smiles a lot. Doesn’t really care what others think of her. Violent when angry. Very stubborn and extremely weird. Evil, smart prankster and a rebel. Dislikes authority.

WEARS: A black cargo jacket, black cargo pants, combat boots, a silver locket and bracelet, and (usually) a gray t-shirt of The Gaslight Anthem (one of her favorite bands). T-shirt changes a lot, but is usually advertising a band she likes, some other music, or a cause she supports.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Greek and Russian with an English accent.

HISTORY: Thalia was born in Moscow, Russia under the given name Calliope. A natural born mage, first she thought she was going insane when she discovered her power to read minds. Her parents told her about magic. Her mother’s side of the family are all Necromancers, and disowned her mother because she decided to be an Elemental. Thalia was the middle child, between her older brother Finn and younger sister Fay. When the Necromancers of her family took her brother away when she was four, Thalia’s parents fled with their daughter to Athens, Greece where Fay was born. Fay could not do magic, but was okay with it. When Thalia was eight, her family moved to London, England. For reasons still unknown to Thalia, vampires deeply hate the Necromancer side of her family, and, lead by Dusk, killed her sister and parents in some sort of revenge (though this attack was also because Dusk hates Thalia for humiliating him every time they meet). Right before his death, Thalia’s father gave her her sword, which was passed down from his side of the family. It has a strange magic power, causing it to never break or bend. It will glow and act as a compass to where the owner truly needs to go in times of need. After her family’s massacre, Thalia took the name ‘Thalia Jane Circe’ because Thalia meant ‘the joyous, the flourishing’ and was one of the muses of Greek mythology, Jane was one of her favorite book characters (from the book Jane Eyre), and Circe was a female sorcerer in Greek mythology. Thalia works on expanding her power, and it is unknown to everyone except her how far she has gotten with her mind abilities. She sometimes, but very rarely, works for different Sanctuaries around the world, but travels around a lot. Thalia holds a grudge against Dusk.

FAMILY: Parents and sister are dead. Finn may be alive, but Thalia hasn’t heard from him since he was taken away. Necromancer side of the family pays her to stay away from them. She has never had any contact with her other side of the family, but she assumes that they are alive.

POWERS: Known to all are her abilities to read minds, pull objects toward her, immobilize people for short periods of time, and blow up things such as brick walls, doors, glass, trees, and the like. She has other abilities that she keeps secret for now.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Her sword, a rice paddle that is actually a canoe paddle, a plastic spatula, homemade bombs, throwing knives, and her messenger bag. The bag actually expands to be as large as she needs it to be (on the inside, it stays the same size on the outside and weighs the same as an empty bag). It’s where she keeps her weapons beside her sword and some other odd, random items.

OTHER SKILLS: Many martial arts, blowing things up, playing the bass.

*FRIENDS: March Pathway, Mirtil Lucifer, Kallista Pendragon, Skyril Oblivion, Soot Featherwing, and some others. Is completely terrified by Octaboona Ambrosius because she can’t read his mind.

ENEMY'S: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, random angry Russians.

HATES: Onions, wearing skirts or dresses, extreme heat, people who lack senses of humor, telemarketers.

LIKES: Punching people, blowing things up, pranking people, being lazy, stealing her friend’s shoes and laughing at their faces afterwards, going on adventures, animals (particularly llamas, large dogs, birds of prey, and cats), music

ADDRESS: Down Insanity Street (doesn’t live anywhere in particular. Can usually be found in Ireland, England, Russia, Greece, or Canada. The easiest way to get a hold of her is to call her cell phone.)

JOB: Professional prankster

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Her feet. Keeps a motor bike at one of her houses in Dublin, Ireland.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Her locket, bag, and a clever smile.

DESCRIPTION: A small, pale, spunky girl. She is strong, not bulky like a body-builder, but rather lean. Her choppy, messy, black hair is always down. The bangs are uneven and go at least to the top of her eyes, while some cover half. She always has a mischievous glint in her eyes.

IN SIX WORDS: Fred and George Weasley times ten.

QUOTE: “Well…you see, I was just standing here, and then it exploded.”

*The 'friends' list is not complete because I knew I would forget someone. Basically, unless you randomly decided that your OC doesn't like Thalia or doesn't know her, then it's safe to assume that they're her friend.


I'm much more proud of Thalia now than I was with the old bio.

Dear Kallista and Her Family...

Hi there. I'm Thalia. You can call me....Thalia. And, now that we're all introduced, let me begin.

Kallista is an AMAZING friend. Really. She's kind, considerate, funny, and overall a great person to be around. She always helps the others on the blogs. When I first came the blogs a couple months back, I wasn't sure if anyone would really notice or talk to me. But Kallista did. She accepted me right away. Kallista is the best influence I've ever had. I'd be so incredibly upset if I couldn't speak to her again. So please let her stay!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Pushing Up Daisies - Prologue

Prologue of a new SP fanfiction. Centers around my OC Thalia. The title is a huge clue as to the rest of the story! Another clue: I was inspired for this story when my part of the grade went to a cemetery on a field trip!

The man sat across from the newest person who had applied to help him.  The girl only looked to be around thirteen years old, so the man had to keep reminding himself that this girl was, in fact, not a girl at all and was at least thirty years older than him.  It was quite a feat to keep this in mind, though, when said ‘girl’ both looked and acted so much like a teenager.  Her combat boot clad feet were propped up on his desk and she was absently picking something out of her teeth.

Coughing slightly to regain his client’s attention, the man continued.  “Miss, I’m not sure if we can give you such an important job.”

Thalia Jane Circe’s stormy gray eyes flickered to his face, and the man had a sudden, strange feeling.  It was almost like she could see everything he was thinking, everything that had happened to him, his next move…everything.

Circe sighed in an annoyed manner and the feeling eased, but it was still slightly there.  “Cut the crap, dude,” she told him.  “You know you can’t do this without me.  Everyone else you got either ran off screaming, had a mental breakdown, quit on the first day, or thought this was all a hoax.  I won’t do any of that, you know I won’t.”  She glared at him, as if to prove her point.

The man shifted, uncomfortable.  “Listen, I don’t know how you know all that, but-”

“It doesn’t matter how I know it!” Circe snapped.  “What matters is that I do know it.”

“We don’t trust you.  Anything about you,” the man stated flatly.

Circe took her feet of the table.  She stood up, slammed her hands down, and leaned toward him.  The man leaned away, but couldn’t take his eyes off of Circe’s cold, storm cloud colored orbs.

“Listen and listen very carefully.  I’ll only say this once,” Circe said slowly.

The man nodded slowly, suddenly terrified for his life.

Circe quirked an eyebrow at him.  “I’ve seen your situation.  I’ve seen how desperate you are for a solution.  You, your higher-ups, the rest of your employees…you don’t trust me.  And the feeling is mutual.  But all of you know that there’s no one better than me for the job.  So it doesn’t matter if you don’t trust me.”  Here she paused, a clever smile playing on her lips.  “You don’t have a choice.”

“You have the job,” the man squeaked, still terrified.

The girl leaned back and grinned, clapping her hands together.   “Good!”

And with that, Thalia Jane Circe strode out of the office.  Only after ten minutes did the man realize that she had snatched his Starbucks coffee on her way out.


Who's the man? What's Thalia's new job? Why did she want it so badly?

All shall be revealed!


EDIT: Fear not, Percy Jackson fans! The first part of that fanfiction will be my next post!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Seriously. It looks like a freaking tornado is gonna happen outside right now. I don't know if we're experiencing hurricane winds again? I'm pretty sure we aren't. But the sky's all dark, and even the huge oak tree in my front lawn is swaying back and forth. I can hear the wind howling and whistling. I have to say, I'm pretty darn freaked out right now, and I'm a brave person.

....And hear comes the rain.
That sounds like hail, actually. And thunder. With lighting.

This is....not good. We don't usually get storms like this here.

Woop de doo.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Note Passing - Part One?

I'm bored, tired, and it's really late at night. But I had this idea and it was too awesome to pass up. Basically, Mar, Mir, and Thalia pass notes in class. Thalia's 'handwriting' will be in italics, Mir's in bold, and Mar's normal print, but I'll still but their initials in front of their notes (Mar's will be MP for March Pathway because Mir also starts with 'M'). So, enjoy this random creation from my tired brain.


T: I'm bored.

MP: Thalia, you're always bored.

T: Raaaaahhhhhhhh

M: She's right.

T: Shut up Freddy.

M: No.


MP: Teehee....Freddy's funny.

M: Shut up Mar.

MP: I am going to choose to ignore that statement and ask a question that we're all dying to know the answer to. Thalia, why are you chewing on a plastic spoon?

T: Beats me.

M: *sighs* Silly wolf girl.....

T: [insert colorful swearing here]

MP: The teacher's coming over here....*smacks Thalia with her fry pan*


MP: Oh, nothing really.

M: And now we have a warning from our teacher and an angry Thalia.


MP: Who's Fluffy?

M: You.

MP: Ah, gee, thanks Mir.

M: You're welcome.

MP: That was sarcasm.

M: I know.

T: You have been warned, Fluffy.

MP: You need a nickname, Thal. You're the only one without one.

M: No, she has one. Wolf girl.

MP: But, but...YOU, Mir, are Freddy, and I'm apparently Fluffy....Thalia needs on that starts with F!

T: No, that's really okay.

MP: How about.....Feathers?


M: Why?

T: Feathers was the name of my imaginary friend as a child. It was a griffin.

MP: Oh.....that's....disturbing.

T: Yeah.

M: We'll think of another one. Don't worry, Thal.

T: I hate you. I hate you ALL.

MP: I love you too, Miss Fluffaluffagus.

T: NO.

MP: Why nottttt.....?

T: Call me that and die.

M: I think it's too close to Mar's nickname anyway.

MP: True, true.

T: Cool story, bro.

M: The bell will ring soon. See y'all in study hall!

MP: We'll probably get in trouble for passing notes there, too.

T: Not probably. Definitely. (Since when does Mir say 'y'all'....?)




M: Or...?

MP: I kill you with a fry pan.

T: OH LOOK THE BELL! I have maths now, bye! Have fun dying by fry pan, Freddy!

MP: Hmm....Thalia ran off with a Mir running after her, yelling. So I'm writing to myself.....interesting, very interesting.....


Yeah. Excuse the crappy writing. It's 11:00 p.m. and I've had a looooonnngggg day.

Should it be continued? If so, I'll need to think of a nickname for Thalia...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

If A Mime Beat You Up, You Would....

  1. Cry
  2. Beat the mime up
  3. Run away
  4. Scream and flail around
  5. Call the cops
  6. Feel confused
  7. Feel accomplished
  8. Feel that everything else in the world makes sense now

Choose all that apply to you :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Candy Buttons And A New Story

Oh, I love candy buttons. Old fashioned candy is the BEST.

Anyway, important news~

I decided to right a new fanfiction. Don't think "You're already working on two SP fanfictions! And so many other stories!" because, yes, I know. But this story ISN'T a SP fanfiction. Nope.

It's a Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfiction. Oh yes. I've been re-reading that series (it's quite odd reading about the character in the books named Thalia. So odd and so amusing), plus the Kane Chronicles, so I unconsciously decided to write a fanfiction. Rick Riordan is one of my favorite authors, second only to Derek Landy.

I haven't really decided too much, but I love writing in first person, so it'll be in that. And...since I love the Kane Chronicles, but don't want to write a fanfiction of them until the third and last book is out since that story is at such a critical point right now, my character's weapon will be a khopesh (a "sickle sword", basically a curved sword. There's a straight bit before the curve. Wikipedia's giving me a lot of information here). One of the characters in the Kane Chronicles has one. It's a pretty cool weapon.

So that's pretty much it. The story will be called 'Congratulations! You're Prone To Spontaneous Combustion!' The title SEEMS long, but it just has a lot of long words in it. It shall be explained in the actual story. The story'll take place after The Last Olympian. The Lost Hero won't be included because I haven't read that and probably never will. I'm not a fan of spin-off series like that.

Anyway, I hope you'll like it when I post the first part. Also, part 11 of Dream Guardians is up. Woo!

EDIT: Forgot to say. You don't have to have read the Percy Jackson series to read this. But it would provide back story.

Dream Guardians Part 11

Well, this took forever. The writing is a load of rubbish but...yeah. Enjoy.


Holo sat quietly in her room, working furiously on her math homework.  After about ten minutes, she threw it down in relief.  It was done, but the answers were probably wrong.  Holo didn’t really care right then, though.

The fight had ended suddenly, with Narnia, Mei, Fox-Boy, Utau, and Ikuto disappearing.  Shana had been so quiet, so secretive since then.  She was certain that something was wrong.

“Well then,” Holo said, suddenly standing up, “I do believe that some detective work is in order.”

Holo dashed around her room, pocketing her phone, wallet, red IPod and purple headphones.  (She was mumbling to herself the entire time, for she was very fond of speaking to herself and pretending to be two people).  After a quick argument with herself about pumpkin pie vs. apple pie, Holo tugged on her combat boot and black hoodie over her Pikachu pajamas and dashed downstairs to the door.

“Where are you going?”

Cursing, Holo turned back to face her older cousin – Joan - who was “babysitting” her while her parents were on a business trip.

“I’m going out,” she said.

Joan raised an eyebrow.  “Really?  Where?”

Holo shrugged.  “Out.”


“Here and there.”

“Where’s ‘here and there’?”

“Oh, you know, it’s here and there.  Out.”

Joan scowled.  “You’re not going anywhere.”

“Yes, I am.  Clearly, I’m going out.”  And with that, Holo kicked open her front door and ran cackling into the street.

Thirty minutes, two bus rides, and one over the phone argument with Joan later, Holo was in Tokyo.  She checked the time on her phone.  1:30 a.m.  Huh.  Good thing it was Friday.

Holo strolled around for a bit, not really knowing why her instincts had brought her to the city when she was supposed to be looking for Shana.  Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku was blasting in her ears when she caught a flash of familiar red hair on a rooftop.  The rooftop of the old Christmas Company building.

She didn’t hesitate.  She didn’t even consider going home to change out of her Pikachu PJ’s.  Holo whipped out her phone and called Erza.


And there you go. Mir will post part 12.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Miracle Bubbles

So. I'm in a beautiful hotel that used to be a silo complex right now. We're here because my brother, Rupert, has an award thingy is this weekend for something or another. And before we have to actually go anywhere, I'm entertaining myself by listening to The Gaslight Anthem on my Ipod while blowing Miracle Bubbles into the hotel shower. But, basically, I won't be on a ton tomorrow. I should be back to normal service by Sunday if homework allows. So, wish me luck with my bubbles. I send you all hugs.

- Thalia Circe

Oh Wow...

Apparently, when the blogger went on maintenance mode last night, it deleted the new post I put up.


Ah well. What the post said was...I thought of a new title for Trivial Things that I absolutely love. The story will now be called [Insert Clever Title Here]. Literally. That's what I'm calling. Brilliant, isn't it?

I renamed the prologue and part one of the story that, so if you're looking for it, click on "[Insert Clever Title Here]" - Prologue" or "[Insert Clever Title Here] - Part One".

Also. The story will be written like Darq is recording it on a tape. So if something's in brackets (besides the title), she's yelling at or talking to someone else.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011




Sunday, May 8, 2011


....I was going to say something important here.

I forgot what it was.

Edit: I still don't remember what I was going to say, but I bought Alice in Zombieland earlier today. I thought that worthy of mention.

The Poetic Poem of Jimmybelle

In reading class this week, I wrote a poem called 'The Poetic Poem of Poetry'. My good friend - who on the blogs is called Jimmybelle - really liked the poem. I promised to send it to her, but I forgot to write it down because the journal I wrote it in stays at school. Curse my short term memory. Well, I felt really guilty, so on Friday night I sat down and wrote Jimmybelle poem. Then I sent it to her. And now I'm posting it here. I'm going to shut up now and just post the thing, but first I must say that there are a few things in the poem you might not understand...


I know of a girl
Who has magical powers
Who will braid my short hair
And dreams of large flowers

Her name is Jimmybelle
She happens to be quite insane
But she’s also quite awesome
So don’t make me say it again

She draws rainbow squirrels
That are fat and wide
They are the best squirrels ever
So in them Jimmybelle takes pride

And Jimmybelle’s dreams of flowers
Scare me quite a bit
The flowers are giant
So you can either run or submit

Being squashed by a flower
Doesn’t seem very amusing
And El Dancing Pickle
I just find confusing

I had a dream once, you know
Jimmybelle and I were under a giant mushroom
Skulduggery Pleasant joined us for tea
As did a shape-shifting broom

Not only does she radiate good energy
Jimmybelle’s a great friend
I hope you can get to know her
‘Cause she’ll make you laugh until the end

Friday, May 6, 2011


I am very, very tired.


Because it was HOT outside this week. It's never hot where I live. It's always either snowy or rainy. But this week there was SUN and HEAT was horrible. I hate hot weather. It zaps my energy. If it continues on like this, I'm going to die at camp this summer. Oh God. I'm going to collapse during kickball or something and melt on the grass. I just know that this is what'll happen.

Why am I posting? No, it wasn't originally to complain about the heat, but that was a nice bonus. Anyway, I might not be on the blogs a ton this weekend. Yoga, fencing, life....I tis be busy. For once.

Also, part one of Trivial Things is up.
I hate that title so much. It has NOTHING to do with the story. It seemed okay when I gave it to the story, but now I hate it. I'm going to re-name it again. I'll let everyone know when I've chosen a fitting title.
But read it anyway. The title sucks, but I think the story is good. I'm proud of it.

Bye now.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hetalia Netherlands

I credit Mir for sending me this picture! It's Netherlands from Hetalia. HE HAS FLETCHER HAIR!

[Insert Clever Title Here] - Part One

EDIT: This was previously named Trivial Things.

I am on a roll.  Every single thing I get done tonight boosts my ego a bit. Now, I'm going to post this, then go eat some chili before embarking on a mathematical journey. I had heaps of fun writing this.


If there’s one thing in the world I love more than anything else, it’s pranking people.

Well, no.  Actually, if there’s one thing I love more than anything else, it’s peppermints, but pranking the suckers at my school lands in a close second.  I should be paid to prank people.  My pranks are much too glorious to be done for free.  And yet I do them anyway, because the world would spontaneously combust if I didn’t.

I quite like my world non-combusted, thank you.

Now, where was I?  Ah yes, the pranking.  What does this have to do with the story, you ask?  Nothing really, it just leads us to where we are now.  Which is a room at my school with the principal in it.  Currently, I’m sitting in the most uncomfortable chair in the non-combusted world, side by side with my good ol’ pal, Ice.

And no, for all the name obsessed weirdos out there, Ice isn’t the name her parents gave her.  It’s short for Alice, which isn’t her given name either.  Her given name is actually --- ow.  Ice just punched me.  Apparently I’m not allowed to tell you her given name.  I guess that’s fair though, as you’re not getting my given name either, and won’t get it anytime soon.  But everyone calls me Darq, so you can too, okay?


“I cannot believe you girls!”  Ah, my principal.  The one man in most need of a hug that you’ll ever meet if you ever have the misfortune to meet him.  Imagine a short, pudgy, balding, red-faced man with a huge nose, and that’s him.  His name is Mr.….something I can’t be bothered to remember (which is probably why he hates Ice and I so very, very much).  But I do remember that his first name is Joe, so we’ll just call him Joe.

“Why is that, sir?” Ice asked from her position beside me.  “What have we done this time?”  Sarcasm was dripping from her words like poison.  Which, you know, ticked Joe off.

“You know what you did!” he snapped.  True, very true.  We did know what we had done.  We had been the ones to do it.  But no way were we going to make this easy for him.  Because then the world would spontaneously combust.

Once again, un-combusted world = happy Darq.

“I’m afraid we don’t know,” Ice told him sincerely.  She was totally trying not to laugh.  “Or, at least I don’t.  Maybe Darq knows?” she added, turning to me.

Joe’s beady eyes narrowed.  They reminded me of a shrew, and I’m not incredibly fond of shrews, so I looked away to his hair.  It was getting some gray in it.  I bet Ice and I caused some of it.

“I refuse to call you by that ridiculous nickname, Miss (insert my given name here),” Mr. Schmancy-Pants Joe told me, “but maybe you can enlighten your incompetent friend as to why you are here yet again.”

I tapped my chin with my finger, pretending to think.  “Maybe it’s because you had nothing better to do than call us down here?” I suggested.

 Joe glared at me.  “No.”

“You wanted to share a cup of tea with us?”


I shrugged.  “Sorry, I suck at guessing games.”

“She does,” Ice mused.  “She really does.”

I smacked her on the back on the head.

Joe glared at us some more.  “This is not a game,” he hissed.  “You two super-glued shut my office door!”

Ah.  Yes, that explains why we were here and why we were in the Spanish room.

But we hadn’t done that.

Ice and I exchanged a quick glance.  I could see a slight bit of panic in her emerald eyes.  I’m sure mine reflected it.  We had put an exploding cake in Joe’s office, but never super-glued the door shut.  That would defeat the purpose of the cake.

Yes, okay, we were the most notorious pranksters in our school, but there were others.  People who weren’t as willing to prank all the time as us, but could still pull off a mildly amusing one now and then.  They were always caught and charged justly.  I guess the culprit wanted to see Joe standing in front of his office door, cursing and screaming at it.  That would have been hysterical.  But no, they didn’t get that show.  Joe had automatically blamed us for it.  Maybe because Ice and I hadn’t pulled any pranks in a while.  We had been out of school sick, and thus the still un-exploded cake.  This was the first time we had been blamed for someone else’s crime.  It wasn’t fun.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I said, leaning forward.  “We didn’t pull that prank.”

Joe laughed cruelly.  “You expect me to believe you?”

I put one hand over my heart and raised the other.  “Scout’s honor, sir.  We – the evilest people in the entire school system – did not pull this prank.”

“And just that makes me believe that you did it,” Joe said with an exasperated sigh.

Ice glared at him.  She may be a fun-loving, purple-haired gal, but she can be scary as heck when she wants to be.

And yes, her hair is purple.  I have known Ice my entire life and haven’t seen her with a normal hair color since the second grade.  Her hair is always the same shade of royal purple with different colored streaks in it (currently periwinkle).  I don’t really remember her natural hair color.  I think she was a brunette.  Maybe.

“Have you checked the security tapes?” Ice asked coolly.  Joe’s jaws tightened.  Ha, he hadn’t thought of that.  Ice sighed.  “Thought so.”

Joe pointed an accusing finger at us.  “I am going to check the tapes.  You will stay here.”  Then he turned and walked out the door, locking it behind him.

Ice turned to me, one eyebrow raised.  “’Scouts honor’?”

I shrugged, reaching into my pocket and pulling out a peppermint.  “It was worth a shot.  Sanguine told Valkyrie that in Playing with Fire.”

Ice grinned.  Ah, did I forget to mention that we are avid Skulduggery Pleasant fans?  Well, now you know.

We like anime too.

“You’re not a scout,” Ice pointed out.

I shrugged again, popping the peppermint into my mouth.  “I highly doubt that Sanguine was either.”

“True, true…” she mused.  Her gazed fell on the locked door.  “When do you think he’ll be back?”

“Never.  He’ll probably just keep us in here all day or something,” I muttered sulkily, not putting it past Joe to do such a thing.  I brushed my silvery-white bangs out of my eyes to observe a poster with the Spanish alphabet written on it.  Yes, I am an albino.  Get over it, it’s not that amazing.  Actually, no, don’t get over it.  It is amazing, but only because it’s me who’s an albino, and I am amazing.

My ego is huge.  It comes with every Darq you order, free of charge.  Just pay shipping and handling.

After getting over her giggles at my accusation, Ice opened her mouth to say something.  I still don’t know what smart remark she was going to make, because, at that moment, an alarm in the building went off.  The evacuation drill alarm.

The voice of our vice principal came on the P.A. system.  “Students and teachers!” she said, sounding terrified.  “Please exit the building immediately.  This is not a drill!  I repeat, this is not a drill!” The P.A. was cut off.  There were a few minutes of frantic screaming, running, and shouting in the halls, and then the school building went eerily quiet.

Slowly, ever so slowly, as though time itself had slowed down, I turned my eyes to meet Ice’s.  Her panic wasn't suppressed this time.  It was blaring out at me full-force.  At that moment, I knew eight things:

1)        We were locked in our school with a bunch of crazy people.

2)        No one knew where we were.

3)        We needed to get out of here now.

4)        I had no clue how to get us out.

5)       Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain weren’t going to burst through a window and save us.

6)       No one was going to burst through a window and save us.  Period.

7)       I am going to kill Joe.

8)       I need to go to the bathroom.

Hey, I have the attention span of a goldfish.  That last thought was bound to end up in there somehow.  You need to stop expecting better things from me.  Seriously.


Yeah, uhh...y'know how I said the recap will only last through part 1 and maybe part 2? Well, the recap will be going on for all of part 2 and probably part of part 3. Ok? Ok.

Monday, May 2, 2011

[Insert Clever Title Here] - Prologue

EDIT: This was previously named Trivial Things.

Oh my God, I'm sorry this took me so long to start. This was previously called 'I Blame the Bunnies', or something similar. The rest of the story will be in first person from Darq's point of view.


The newly named Alice Something stared at Darq intently.  Slowly, Darq edged as far away from her as she could without crushing Kallista into the window.  The backseat of the Bentley was surprisingly crowded when full of a three teenage girls, a frying pan, and a rice paddle.  Add a Fletcher on the floor and two incredibly awesome detectives named Valkyrie Cain and Skulduggery Pleasant – who happens to be a well dressed skeleton - in the front seat, and you’ve got a disaster on wheels.

“Not one scratch,” Skulduggery reminded them.  It was almost he had read Darq’s thoughts.

Alice was still staring at Darq.  “Dude,” Darq finally said.  “Mind telling me why you’re staring at me?”

“Have you decided on a taken name yet?” Alice – more commonly known as Ice – inquired.

“No,” she muttered glumly.  “I want to have Darq in it, but anything I put after that sounds cheesy.”

“And dumb,” Fletcher put in.  “I mean, you’re an albino.  Even if it’s spelled with a “Q”, the name Darq just sounds dumb.”

Darq glared at him through her snowy bangs.  “Shut up Fletcher, nobody likes you.”

Fletcher glared back.  “Val likes me.”  He turned to Valkyrie.  “Right Val?”

“Fletcher…I’m your girlfriend.  I don’t really count,” Valkyrie told him gently.  She looked like she was trying to laugh.

“Oh…” Fletcher looked crestfallen.  “Well, Skulduggery likes me.”

“And where did you get that impression?”  Skulduggery countered in an amused voice.


Kallista was currently burying her face in her sleeve to stifle her giggles.



Fletcher looked around as if hoping that someone else would be in the car, but there was no such person.  Darq quirked an eyebrow at him, biting her tongue so that she wouldn’t laugh.  Fletcher stared at her helplessly for a second before looking at the floor.  “I like me,” he muttered softly.

Valkyrie, Kallista, Ice, and Darq burst out laughing.  Skulduggery chuckled a bit.  Darq patted Fletcher’s spiky hair, somehow managing not to lose her hand in the process.  “It’s okay Fletcher.  You’re just here to be comic relief.”

He stared at her incredulously, all traces of sadness gone and replaced with irritation.  “And what is that supposed to mean?”

Darq opened her mouth to make a witty retort when Skulduggery cut her off.   “Well, as amusing as this is, we need to get down to business.  Ice, Darq, you know about Derek Landy and how he writes about our world.”

Ice gaped at him.  “You mean that he didn’t make it all up and that this isn’t an insanely awesome dream I’ll have to wake up from eventually?”

“Well of course it’s not made up,” Skulduggery grumbled.  “I’m far too amazing to be made up.  I mean, I wouldn’t be surprised if Valkyrie or Fletcher were made up, but me?  How could you think such a thing?  Who would be capable of making up someone as fabulous as me?”

“…Fabulous?” Kallista muttered, earning another round of giggles from the girls.

Anyway,” Skulduggery continued.  “What I would like to know is why Dusk, Sanguine, Scapegrace, and Springheeled Jack all came after you two.”

“Probably because we found some magical items from an anime in our teachers’ offices,” Ice offered.

There was a moment of silence in the Bentley.  Then Valkyrie asked “…What?”

Immediately, Ice turned to Darq.  “You explain.  Tell them about the Humpty lock and the Dumpty Key and Scapegrace’s army of evil bunnies and the secret tunnel in the supply closet.”

Darq stared at her friend for a moment before sighing.  Slowly, in a voice hinted with excitement, she began to recount their tale.


So part one and (approximately) most of part two will be Darq catching us up on the story, but it will be told like that was just happening. It's hard to explain, but I think you'll get it when you read it. But first....

1) Yes, Darq is an albino.
2) Ice's taken name is Alice Something.
3) Ice will be called Ice by everyone currently in the Bentley plus China and Ghastly. Anyone else will she meets will call her Alice.
4) Same thing for Darq when she takes her taken name.
5) Alice and Darq are not their given names. Their given names won't be revealed for awhile.