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Hunger Games Fanfiction - Part Three

Chapters four through six. Woot woot.

Mhmm, I love these chapters. Oh yes.  All of them are from Laika's perspective, except chapter six. I'll be doing some more perspective changing throughout the story, but it'll be mostly Laika.

Chapter Four

The rest of the day was uneventful.  The only memorable thing that happened was at dinner, when Nico ‘accidently’ squirted some sort of sauce in my face.  The whole thing turned into a full scale food war, which ended with Farina fainting after some sushi got in her hair.

They sent us to our rooms after that.  It wasn’t too hard to fall asleep that night.  I was so emotionally strung out that I just sort of collapsed.  Freaking emotions.  Hate them.

I woke up late the next day, and when I stumbled into the dining cart in my full-out messy-haired, crumpled bed clothes glory, Nico openly laughed in my face.

“Look at this!” he guffawed.  “I can’t believe she’s from my District!”

“Shut up, Raine,” I grumbled, snagging some food and collapsing in a chair.

“You missed the replays of the reapings.  Now you won’t be able to scope out the competition,” he taunted.

“Yeah,” I said, “because I totally won’t see them in the week of training we have before the Games and I totally won’t hear them in the interviews.  Idiot.”

Nico fell silent.  I finished my breakfast and was about to go get dressed when it was announced that we were nearing the Capitol.  I ran to the window and peered out of it.  The lights of the Capitol blazed brilliantly against the morning sky.  To many, it might look beautiful.  But not to me.

Because those shining lights marked the place of my doom.

Chapter Five

“Someone shoot me,” I mumbled as my prep team circled me, looking for any missed hair or blemishes.  They were supposed to get me ready for my stylist, who would be designing my outfits for the chariot ride (which was tonight) and the interviews before the Games.  There were two men named Ari and Arai, and the woman was Ara.  They were all weirdly altered.  I really don’t want to go into it.

“Well!” Ara declared in her weird Capitol accent.  “I think you’re finally done!  You look civil!”

I glowered at her statement.  I had shaved my legs before the reaping.  And I’ve never had any blemishes.  Not since…never mind, we’ll get to that later.  Anyway, I couldn’t understand why they were making such a big deal.  I mean, I’m from a Career District.  Careers are always presentable from the start.

Maybe it was because I didn’t plan on being a Career.

“Okay, okay, leave the poor girl alone,” came the voice of a woman.  I turned just as she entered the room.  She wasn’t horribly altered, or altered at all, in fact.  She didn’t have a thick accent.  She had long, curly brown hair and shimmering honey colored eyes.  She looked pretty fun loving and easy going.  In other words, she was cool by my standards.

“I’ll take it from here,” the woman said, and my prep team hurried out.  She turned to me and smiled.  “I’m Artemis, your stylist.”

“Hi,” I said.

She smiled, then had me put on my robe (yes, I had only been in my underwear for the prep team.  I don’t want to go into that, either) and led me to a couch.

“You’re very pretty,” Artemis said after we sat down.  “And I mean that.  You’re what, five foot six?”

I nodded.

“A good height.  Slender too,” she complimented me.  “I feel bad for my partner.  You’re District partner is a monster in height.  And all that muscle.  It’s hard to make something that will fit him well.”

“Nico’s a monster in more than one way,” I told her, and she laughed.

“Yes, well, I can imagine.  You’re eyes are nice too.  You’re definitely going to be a favorite with the Capitol.  Now, let’s get on with your outfit.”

I looked at her warily.  “Is it a dress?”

Artemis laughed again.  “Yes, I’m afraid so.  But I think you’ll like it.”

Chapter Six
Unknown Perspective

I looked through the window of the Capitol building.  The Capitol was so secure with themselves, so sure that nobody could break in, but all I had to do was put on a sneak suit.  Cameras couldn’t catch me.  Neither could people.  I was invisible.

Laika was inside, looking relieved as the three surgically altered freaks left.  Seriously, not even the Pretty’s craziest party surge looked that weird.  I couldn’t help but pity the poor girl.  None of us could wait to get her out of there, but that needed to happen at the end of the Games, after she read her mother’s note.  For now, the new Mockingjay would have to wait.

We weren’t worried, of course.  I mean, some of the members of the Resistance from Panem were, but the rest of us?  Nah.  Laika was like us, surgically altered, but not in the horrible way of the people of the Capitol.  She didn’t look as scary as most of us, but that was because we had to keep her looking relatively normal.  But that didn’t change anything else.  She's still stronger, faster, and more cunning than any other tribute.  Any other person in all of Panem, in fact.

That makes her sound like a vampire, doesn’t it?  From those old books called…oh, what was it?...Twilight, I think?  Well, she’s not.  She’s just Special.


Okay, yes, I just totally added the Uglies books to this fanfiction. You don't have to have read those to understand this, though, because I'll explain it soon enough in the story. I'm sorry to anyone who is disappointed by this change, but I seriously believe that this will make the story better. I already have the entire plot planned out in my mind. The reason for this change is that my friend (she's not on the blogs, but she has a chosen name. I can't remember the last name right now, but her first name is Echo) who inspired me to write this story and I both absolutely love the Uglies and Hunger Games series. They take place around the same time and have some of the same technologies too. She wrote an amazing HG fanfiction and is writing a sequel. We were at a frozen yogurt place and decided to both add Uglies into our fanfiction. And then we ate frozen yogurt happily ever after. The End.

Anyway. Just thought I'd explain a little as to why I did this. Hopefully, you lot will still like the story. And I recommend the Uglies books highly I was GOING to explain being an Ugly, Pretty, and Special, but this thing is already incredibly long, so here's a Wikipedia link:

(They don't have Specials really explained on there. I'll do that sometime either in the next part, or in the notes of the next part).

(I also realize that the Unknown person may have made Laika seem a bit like a Mary-Sue with all it's 'praise.' Heh. Sorry about that as well. But that's really what a Special is, and we've seen Laika's faults already, I think. Cold, near-emotionless, violent, sarcastic, introvert....yep. Laika ≠ Mary-Sue. I shut up now But one last thing. My house smells like bacon).


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  2. But I know what Pretties and Uglies are, so it's fine.

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  5. Thanks. I think I'm going to have Nico's point of view somewhere. I find him hysterical.

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