Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Apparently, It IS A Poem, As Declared By Kallista, Ann, Skyril, and Octa.

Edit: Apparently, it's a poem. I did not know of this.

Here is the crappy bit of word-salad I just wrote. I was just typing up little poem ideas then - BOOM! This was born. Read it if you must, but remember, word-salad is highly flammable.


Think before you act

It’s not by choice
It’s certainly not my choice
So then, I ask

Why does this happen?
Can any of you explain?
Tell me straight to my face
I dare you

Tell me why you think
Why you would ever think
That something like this
Is okay

Because it’s not okay
It never has been
But you just don’t see that
And you never will


Think before you speak

Can someone explain to me
Someone, anyone
Just tell me the truth
Why forgiveness is expected?

Being forgiven isn’t free
It’s a simple truth
So why do they think it is?
Forgiveness needs to be earned

But you haven’t earned it
You haven’t even tried
Because you think you’re right
But you’re wrong

Stop spreading lies
Stop telling tales
And learn the facts
Learn about your harm


Be a good sport

You laugh at others
Because sometimes they lose
But when you do
You curse and shout

It’s not the fault of others
They just play the game
Why do you blame them?
Why can only you do that?

No one else complains
They smile and play on
It’s just a game, after all
Why do you stomp so loudly?

Just play the game
It’s not so huge
You can still have fun
Winning isn’t everything


Answer when called upon

If I ask you a question
You shrug it off
It could be important, you know

Why don’t you pay attention?
Just give me the answer
Is it really that hard?
I don’t think it is

It’s a general question
Why do you take it so personally?
Fine, I won’t bother you anymore
If you do one thing for me

I dare you to answer my questions




  1. Well Thalia. Not having any sanity I read this POEM anyways. And what did I find? MY SANITY! You have written an excellent POEM!
    (and it is a POEM cause I declare it to be a POEM) ;)

    I love how you confront those people who do these things. It's a poem I cna relate well too. Thanks for writing it and posting it.

  2. Fine, it's a poem.

    Thank you Kallista. You're always very supporting ^^


    I'm glad that you enjoyed it and can relate to it.

  3. *hugs* It is a poem, and a damn good one.

  4. That's was such a sad, poem, Thalia!
    I loved it, though!

  5. Ann - Thank you. *hugs*

    Skyril - I'm glad that even though it was sad, you were still able to enjoy it. Thank you for reading it. *hugs*

  6. Thank you, Octa. I'm glad I wrote something that people can relate too.

  7. Yep, it's a poem. :D And a beautiful one at that~ And don't worry about the spelling errors, I'm much worse than you are, I die without the spell checker... Your a wonderful writer Thalia, don't put yourself down. I love all your works~