Sunday, April 24, 2011


Helloooooo everyone! HAPPY EASTER!


Ehem. Sorry, excuse my joyousness. I promise, it'll be over by tomorrow.

In case you're thinking "Where's part 3 of your fanfic, and part 8 of Dream Guardians, and the prologue to Trivial Things...." etc., I have an explanation.

Part 3 of my fanfic is almost done. It's been written for quite awhile, but I'm changing a lot of it, so it's taking some time. Part 8 of Dream Guardians will be up tomorrow if I don't have a lot of homework. I started it Friday night, but I was half asleep and it was yeah. Today I was busy with family, and yesterday I lost inspiration and just didn't want to do anything. But luckily, my brief laps into the world of uncaring-ness is over, and I know what's going to happen. Heh. Trivial Things is a more of a side project right now, but I really want to work on it and the prologue will be done.....soon.

Hathor and The Story That Lacks a Title and Probably Won't Ever Get One are on hold while I get caught up on my other work. I'm really motivated right now, and I would be working on all those things right this instant, but it's past my bedtime, and I'd rather not be too grumpy tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone a bit of info. Night all! Once again, happy Easter.

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