Monday, April 25, 2011

Dream Guardians Part 8

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Holo didn’t want to follow Il.  It had seemed weird to her that, since during the last big battle Utau (Il’s owner) had been on their side, Il hadn’t been stolen.  But since Amu and Yaya seemed intent on running everything and had herded Erza, Shana, and herself out the door after Il, Holo had kept her trap shut.  Now she really wished that she hadn’t.

As soon as they stepped foot outside, two figures had stepped out of the shadows under a tree.  Yaya brightened.

“Utau-tan!  Ikuto-kun!” she shouted excitedly, waving at Hoshina Utau and Tsukiyomi Ikuto.  Then she faltered.  “H-huh…?”

Ceise Mei stepped out of the shadows behind Ikuto and Utau, grinning.  “Surprise.”

 The girls quickly drew into a protective huddle.  “What do we do?” Amu fretted.

Erza looked at the tree and grimaced.  Holo followed her gaze, spotting two more figures still in the tree.  She turned to Amu.  “We fight them.”

Amu whirled on her.  “With what?” she spat.  “Yaya’s and mine charas where stolen!  And you and your friends just had to go and lose yours!”

A stunned silence fell over the small group.  Shana fixed Amu with an intense gaze while Holo looked down and Erza looked to the side.

“Are you’re just going to give up?” Shana asked coolly.  “That’s not the Amu I thought I knew.  I, for one, will fight with everything I got.”

Holo’s crimson eyes widened as Shana made the motion of pulling a sword from a sheath.  In her hand now lay a light sword, glinting in the barely-there sunlight.  “The Nieteno no Shana,” Holo breathed.

“I knew I’d get it again,” Shana said, gazing at the sword proudly.  Then she turned to Holo and quirked an eyebrow.  “Yo, wolf-girl.”

Holo’s eyes went wider as she grabbed the sides of her head.  Instead of her normal ears, her hands were met with soft fur as they gripped the wolf ears protruding from her head.  Glancing behind her, Holo caught sight of a wolf tail.  She grinned broadly.  “I. Am.  Amazing,” she declared.

Erza was frowning.  “How come I don’t get cool stuff?” she complained, just as she started glowing.  Once the glow stopped, Erza was left standing in knight’s armor, holding a sword at was almost as big as her.  “Dude, I’m a freaking knight!”

“A very cute knight at that.”

The girls turned to face the speaker.  The two figures in the tree had jumped down.  One was a cloaked girl, with close-cropped brown hair and different colored eyes – one blue, one green.  She was staring straight at Holo.  The other was a young man – Holo didn’t register his looks.  He was grinning, though, singling him out as the speaker.

Beside Holo, Erza fumed.  “Cute? CUTE!?”  she screeched, whirling on her friends.  “Ready to kick their butts?”

Shana nodded and Holo grinned.  “Ready, Freddy.”

Erza frowned.  “My name’s not Freddy.”

Holo shrugged.  “It is now.”

Mei coughed.  “We’re still here, you know.”

“Ah, right.”

Shana and Mei leapt at each other, and Erza jumped at the man, giving a battle cry.  The girl who had been staring at Holo lunged for her.  Not having a cool weapon, Holo flung herself at her attacker, swinging her leg out in a huge roundhouse kick.  The girl took the hit to the chest and was tossed back.

Holo grinned again.  “You don’t look like a talker, so I guess I won’t hear you’re name.  I’m going to call you Narnia.”

The newly-dubbed Narnia said nothing.

Shrugging, Holo leapt forward with incredible speed (‘Thank you wolf genes’ she thought).  Holo clamped her hands down hard on Narnia’s ears before jumping back.  Narnia cried out in pain as blood trickled from a ruptured eardrum.  Out of the corner of her eye, Holo saw Amu and Yaya locked in hand-to-hand struggles with Ikuto and Utau.  Nodding, Holo turned and lunged at her antagonist again. 


I'm ending it there. I'm just that evil. A few things:

1) Yes, in the anime, Holo's ego is huge. I think it rivals that of Skulduggery. Maybe. Anyway, I felt it fitting to give Holo in the story a big ego too ^^ (shown when she declares that she's amazing).
2) Yes, I didn't describe the man because he is Mir's archenemy and she gets to choose everything about hi,.
3) Yes, I'm going to call my archenemy 'Narnia' until I think of a better name. Lol.
4) Yes, Holo will call Erza 'Freddy' to annoy her. Mir, you are free to come up with a name for annoying Holo as well ^^

Excuse any spelling/ grammar errors. I proof-read it, but as I am falling asleep in my chair, there may be some things I didn't catch. Mir will post the next part.