Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What a Day

It just started off weird.

Mar, Mir, a couple other of our friends and I were standing awkwardly in the over-crowd front lobby waiting for the bell to ring so we could go to class. My friend Ty has a different science teacher because she's on the other 'team' of our grade. Her teacher came up and Ty asked him "Where's my soup?" This was the following conversation:

Teacher: Huh?
Ty: You said you would buy me a can of soup.
Teacher: OH! Yeah, you see, when I said "You deserve a can of soup", I meant that you should go buy yourself one.
Ty: No, you said you'd buy me a can of soup.
Teacher: Ah, yes, well, I lied.
Ty: I want my soup.
Teacher: Well, just go to Heinens, and there's a isle labeled 'Soup'. Just go in there and you'll see all different kinds of soup!
Ty: What? No!

Then the bell rang. We were all laughing.

Last period in English, I scared Mar by drawing Munchers for a project and telling her about it in my creepiest voice. Teehee.


  1. LOL Thalia! Sounds really funny! You are lucky Mar did not have a frypan on hand!

  2. She hit me with her pencil instead xD

  3. Hahaha!
    ~shakes head~
    y'all are so funny! :D

  4. I firmly believe that Ty should have gotten her soup.

  5. Poor Ty, she still hasn't gotten her soup...