Wednesday, April 6, 2011


-is starting to drive me around the proverbial bend. There are some fanfictions that I really want to read, and I haven't been able to yet. I also have two pictures, a story, and probably some other things I forgot about that I need to send to Mar. And an old book I need to read before the movie comes to theaters near my house. I must accomplish these things. They need accomplishing. But there's just that one thing standing in my way...

Curse you, homework. Curse you.


  1. Ah yes, the infamous homework!
    ~pulls out a dagger and tackles the homework, stabbing it relentlessly~

    Die, homework! Die!!

    ~everyone looks at me strangely~

    What? You know you don't like homework either!

    ~they all shrug, nod, and pull out some more daggers~

  2. LOL Skyril!

    *grabs dagger and starts stabbing her math book*