Thursday, April 21, 2011

SC (Shugo Chara) Fanfiction: Dream Guardians Part 2

Mar wrote part one:

Mir will write part 3 and post it on her blog:

The first three parts will basically be the same time period (the morning), but from each of our 'characters' points of view. We don't actually own these characters, but they're part of this cross fiction ^^ We do, however, own our charas. Heh. Anyway, lots of back story in these three parts, the real stuff will start in part 4. Starting there we won't do this 'same time from everyone's point of view for three parts' thing because then you'd all maybe get bored. No, starting part 4, we'll each continue the story on, but switching to our respective characters points of view. See, that's the best part of these multi-author fanfictions. You get to see where your friends are going to take it, and you just roll with it, adding your own thoughts. Ok, I'm going to shut up now. I just thought that I'd tell you all this info, I thought it was important.

A feminine figure looked down from the window of an apartment building at the small girl crossing the street.  The figure watched the girl – Holo – carefully, noting her every move.  All she could do was watch for now, but soon that would change.

“You better prepare yourself, Miss Holo…”


Koshimizu Holo strode into the school.  As soon as she entered the main lobby, all side conversations stopped, and the whispers about her began.

“Did you see her…?”

“Shouted at that kid for tearing up her writing…”

“….never calm at all….”

“…mentally insane…”

Holo, accustomed to the whispers, walked on, ignoring the new stares she got.  She suspected it was because of her hair.  Previous to today, her hair had been an odd, auburn-ish orange color, and completely straight.  Holo had gotten bored with it, and yesterday had ran to the convenience store and bought a ton of hair dye.  She then proceeded to dye her hair with dark maroon, burgundy, and various shades of brown.  After attacking her locks with the kitchen scissors, Holo’s hair was still long, but left choppy and layered, dappled to look like the plumage of a hawk.  She liked it. (A/N: The anime character Holo's hair is actually the orange color thing, but I have a obsession with hawks, so I changed it.)

The rain was still pouring down.  Since there was still about ten minutes before the first bell rang, Holo paused by a door and leaned her forehead against the cool glass.  Despite the rumors, Holo was calm when it was raining.  Her heart fell into rhythm with the steady beat of the rain.  Holo vaguely wondered what her friends Hakumei Shana and Scarlet Erza were doing before her mind settled on her charas.

Holo felt a familiar pang in her heart, and grimaced.  Over the past week, her charas had been disappearing.  She had had around 70, not all at once, but still had them.  At first, Holo had been trying to convince herself that they had just gone a trip to Mexico, but now she accepted the truth: Her charas were gone.  They had gone back into her heart.  Sighing dejectedly, Holo tried to ignore the sense of emptiness that came with losing Song.  Song had been with her for a long time, representing courage and energy, and pretty much made Holo who she was today.  Losing her sucked.


Holo whirled around, only to realize that she was standing knee-deep in water.  Students were scrambling towards the doors, tripping over their feet and flailing in the water.  Panic mounting in her chest, Holo only thought of one thing.



Uhh...this isn't very well written. Actually, I think it's horribly written. So sorry about that, but I needed to get that back story in there somewhere. My next part will be better (hopefully). Mar and Mir's parts will always be amazing. Period. Read Mar's part first! Mir's will be up soon. Oh, and, because this takes place in Japan, last names go first.

Ok, I'm going to go to bed now. Bye bye.

(Maybe that's why it's not written too well...I'm half asleep here :P)


  1. This isn't badly written!
    It's great! Loved it!

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  4. I COMENT!

    It awesome! you did a better job then me! at least with the realistic part...i edited the story a bit when the boy comes in screaming 'FLOOD!"

    its a good reason...and im proud of thinking of it.

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    Ehh....I did NOT do a better job than you. Yours was AMAZING.