Saturday, March 26, 2011

Thalia Referance

Well, since I have a blog now, I thought that I may as well share my OC's reference.

Name: Thalia Circe
Age: 73 but looks 13
Height: 5 foot
Occupation: Doesn’t really have one. Unless annoying the public counts.
Hair Color: Black with a blond chunk at the front right.
Hair Style: Choppy and messy with bangs, ends about half a foot below shoulders.
Eye Color: Stormy grey.
Nationality: English.
Accent: English.
Clothes: Black cargo jacket, brown band t-shirt, black cargo pants, black combat boots, and a silver locket.
Weapons: A sword, shorter than most, but too long to be a dagger, a plastic spatula, and a rice paddle. She carries the last two in a messenger bag which she put a spell on so that it can carry all her random possessions, but if someone else looks in, they’ll only see an empty bag.
Mage type: Adept (Mind reader)
Personality: Usually happy and bright, but also very sarcastic. She can be very convincing (or so she likes to think. She’s actually just very annoying). Tends to hold grudges.
Friends: March Pathway and Mira Block
Enemies: Dusk, Billy-Ray Sanguine, many others….
History: Originally, Thalia lived a normal life in London, England with her parents and her baby sister, Fay. However, on a family trip to Dublin when she was ten, Thalia somehow got lost in an ice cream store and, after much wandering around the city, stumbled into China Sorrows’ library. China, who decided to be nice to poor lost Thalia, gave the young girl directions and sent her on her way. Thalia couldn’t get the library out of her head and after pestering her eccentric grandparents, found out about magic. She also then discovered that what she thought was just her going crazy was actually her natural ability to read minds. On another trip to Ireland 2 years later, Thalia returned to the library and pestered China into letting her study magic there. Once when she was leaving the library, however, she ran into Dusk, who proceeded to attack her. Not yet having any of her weapons, Thalia hit him with a brick and ran away screaming in Spanish. After many more humiliating encounters with her, Dusk decided to get his revenge. He set an army of Infected on her family. Thalia tried her best, but failed to save them. Do to this, Thalia holds an extreme grudge against Dusk. Billy-Ray Sanguine is also on her bad side because he kidnapped her and stole her sword. So she beat him with a chair.


Okey dokey.


  1. sweet! can i post in on bio-rama?

  2. Wow. This may be, like, really REALLY late, but I read this and I loved the history part! :D

  3. Aww, thanks Ruby! I re-did her a bit, though, in a new reference. Just added some more details.