Monday, March 28, 2011

SP Fanfiction Part Two

Part two. Finally. It's typed. Rawr. This see Thalia's true personality. In the last one she was quite upset, so it was hidden.

EDIT: There is a two day time-skip between Part One and this, in case anyone was wondering.


Thalia flopped down on the ground and leaned against a tree.  Her side hurt.  Her feet hurt.  Everything hurt.  There was a shifting within her bag, and a fluffy gray Maine Coon she-cat with a crooked leg leapt out, stumbling, but managing to land on her three uninjured legs.  Thalia smiled.

“Hey Mar-Chu,” she murmured, scratching the cat behind its ears.  The Mar-Cat purred in reply, and Thalia withdrew her hand as the cat’s skin rippled.  Sitting next to her now was March’s human form, though her leg was still broken and at an odd angle.

“Oh God,” March muttered as she stretched.  “My leg hurts.  Are we almost there?”

“Nope,” Thalia replied.  “Not even close”.


“Don’t ‘aww’ me.  All you’ve been doing is sleeping for the past five hours.  I, on the other hand, have been running from vampires.”

“Poor you.  Want a penny?” March asked suddenly, fishing in her pocket.

“No,” Thalia grumbled.  “But if you can heal my side, I’ll give you a dollar.”

“You have a dollar?”


“Then why offer me one?”

“Because.  You can’t heal my side.  Therefore, even if I did have a dollar, you wouldn’t get it.”



“Well then.”




March scratched the back of her head.  “Well, you said that you were running from vampires, right?”

Thalia nodded.  “Yeah, why?”

March hesitated.  “Then, why did you stop?” she asked at last.  “What happened to them?”

Thalia shrugged.  “I ran across a road.”


“They got hit by a truck.”


“’Oh’ is correct.”

“So…what do we do now?” March asked.

Thalia shrugged again.  “Dunno.  No way am I walking anymore-”

She was interrupted by a rumbling sound.  The ground began to shake a bit, and the trees began to move.  Both girls’ jaws dropped.  Thalia’s right eye twitched.  March pointed at the thing, tried to form words, and failed.

In front of March and Thalia was no longer the boring forest that had been there moments before.  Instead, there was a hotel, one that had a big sign out front that read “The Midnight Hotel.”

“Well,” March said decidedly.  “Why don’t we stay there for awhile?”

Thalia nodded.  “That,” she said, “is a splendid idea.”


Uhh...all I have to say is that, yes, so far this is a little slow-paced. It'll be like that in Part 3 too, only because you find out more about Thalia's past. It speeds up in Part 4. I decided to combine it with what I had as Part 5 before. So if you can sit through one more slow-paced Part, you'll get a crazy wheelchair, Mir, and a fight. Good deal? I think so too.


  1. Thanks Mar~

    I'll type up Parts 3 and 3 1/2 tomorrow so I can start working on Part 4

  2. God, I love this story! It's really well written, and it's funny at the same time. Go Thalia!

  3. Thanks Mir! <3

    I promise, you come in in Part 4.

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  6. Rarrrrrrrrr! It is the Emma of all emmas! Hahahahahaha! oh and Einstein likes his bone too much to move from his spot!