Saturday, March 26, 2011

And So It Begins.....

Hmm....oh....oh really? Huh, so the chicken really did come before the egg...OH! Oh, hello there! Hehe...well, despite that awkward moment, I'm very pleased that I have a blog. I can finally share my writing with the random people out there who actually read this. I have no idea why they will, but....



  1. I cannot thank you enough for this Kallista. You're such an amazing friend.

    I guess I should start here. I used to like to think of myself as a generally pleasant person to be around. If I know someone but they aren't close enough to be considered my friend, I will still smile at them and make polite small talk if spoken too. Yesterday and today, though, some kids threw my perspective of myself off balance. According to them, I am cold and mean. I react hostilely to the question "Are you ok?". I've never considered these things before. I actually think that I'm quite shy. Talking to those I don't know is not my strong suit, so I say as little as possible. I don't smile every single second of the day, and when people ask me "Are you ok?" I'll tell them that I'm fine, but they don't drop it. I admit that when I'm pressed for another answer by someone I'll get snappy, but never too much. People told me that I seem like I "just don't care about anyone", but in reality I'm not very trusting. I try so hard to explain these things, but no one listens.

  2. I hardly ever cry. But this made me burst into tears as soon as I got home.

  3. *hugs Thalia*
    Who are these kids? Are they just mere classmates. Perhaps Aquaintences? (sorry for bad spelling)
    Or are they friends?
    No matter what. It was rude of them to be that way to you.
    You don't have to explain yourself to anyone Thalia. It's hard when you are shy. I am too.
    All you can say to them in a cool way, is:
    "I'm sorry you feel that why. I am not what you think. Please don't judge me to harshly"
    Or something along those lines.
    You are avery unique and wonderful person who is extemely talented in many ways. Your sensitivity is beautiful as well.
    You have two wonderful friends by yourside at school who know who you are. Believe in that. Also believe in us here on th eblogs. We have been privilaged to come and know an extrodinary person in you. We may never meet. But we can help encourage you when you need it and be your friends.

  4. These kids are just classmates. I barely know them, so I normally wouldn't take things they say so seriously. But it reminded me of when I was cyber-bullied by someone I thought was a friend, as she said the same kinds of things about me. That's why I love the blogs so much. It's helped me gain confidence online again.

    I'll take you're advice to heart, and I'm so glad that you took the time to talk to me. Thank you Kallista. A million times, thank you. Everyone on the blogs are always so encouraging and kind. You especially.

    (According to Skyril, we live in the same region of the U.S. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to meet someday.)


  5. That would be awesome of we could meet one day.
    It makes me angry to see that you were cyber bullied. And by a so called friend. I hate those kinds of people. I had a friend who totaly ripped me to shred on facebook while I was already crushed and down. I don't go on there anymore.

    Hang in there my friend. Don't think you have to behave accouding to someone else's careless whims. You have your beliefs and princibles and are astrong person.

  6. If we do ever meet, I'll be sure to grab Mar and Mir and drag them with me xD

    Those kind of people are horrible. We were required to read books on bullying over the summer last year. From the books I read and my own personal experiences, I've noticed that people will usually only say those things online, simply because they don't have to see the face of the person they're being mean to. Like, the girl who was mean to me was not mean AT ALL in person when I saw her after. Which made me angrier.

    I hate to see that you had to go through something like that as well. If I were there, I'd have a nice little chat with the person who did that to you. Just me, the person, and Mar's frying pan. Violence may ensue.

  7. Mwahahaha~

    *dashes around waving Mar's frypan above her head*