Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hathor Part 2

Her calm expression never faltering, Hathor pointed her gun at the chain directly above them.  “Try me.” 

Hathor released the trigger.


A flash of white light flew from the barrel of the gun.  A couple of demons hissed.  One screamed.   Hathor turned and sprinted down the chain.  She didn’t need to stay and marvel at the bullet.  She had done that many times before.  The ball of light would split into thousands of tiny, white needles and pierce their target.  The chain she fired at would last about ten seconds before it crumbled.

“Get her!” Hathor glanced over her shoulder.  The demons were starting to recover from their shock.  Hathor chuckled quietly.  They had waited just a second too long.


A loud crack echoed through the chasm.  Hathor stopped running and smirked.  The chain above them broke, and the halves began to swing down.  Suddenly, Hathor cursed her stupidity.  One half was swinging toward the demons as planned, and the other towards her.  How could she have forgotten that two halves make a whole?

‘Stupid, stupid, stupid…’

Hathor whirled back around and continued running, but after a few steps she realized it was pointless.  The chain was simply falling too fast.  She’d never be able to out run it.  Taking a deep breath, Hathor turned to the side and kicked off of the chain, falling head-first into the darkness below.

A frustrated shriek came from above her.  The wind whipped her long, brown hair into her eyes, but Hathor still managed to see the four demons launch themselves after her.  They bounded from chain to chain, but then seemed to deem that too slow and took up Hathor’s freefall style.

Hathor twisted her body around so her feet were pointed down.  One snake drew level with her, and Hathor swung herself around and delivered a roundhouse kick to its face.  It spun away from her, crashing into its 
sibling.  They smacked into the side of the chasm and fell.

A black chain came into view directly below her, and Hathor immediately saw her chance.  She reached into her coat and pulled out a wound-up length of silver chain.  Hathor flicked her wrist, and the chain-whip lashed 
out and tightened around the black chain.

Gripping the chain-whip tightly, Hathor tucked her legs up.  She continued to drop, and suddenly the chain-whip pulled taught as she reached the bottom of the arch.  Hathor swung up just as a demon lunged at her.  She got the top of the swing and it was within her reach.  Snapping her legs out, Hathor caught the demon in the face.  It let out a roar and went down, following the other two.

Hathor landed on the chain at the same time as the last demon did.  It snarled at her and slithered closer,  barring its fangs.

Hathor pulled out her gun.

The demon hissed angrily, but it seemed to know a loss when it saw one.  Hathor half expected it to say “You’ve won this time”, or something cliché like that, but it didn’t.  It simply cast one last hateful glance at her before dissipating like mist.  She didn’t need to look around to know that the other demons had done the same.

The air shifted again, and Hathor found herself back on the cobblestone road.  The four girls were sprawled on the ground around her, unconscious.  They wouldn’t remember being possessed.

Sighing, Hathor tucked her chain-whip and gun back into her coat just as the clock tower let out another chime, signaling that it was midnight.  ‘Just in time,’ Hathor thought, allowing herself a small smile.  She shoved her hands in her pockets and stepped over the girls, strolling back into the night.


All I can say is that I'm really not to fond of this part, and I blame myself entirely for that. I don't think it's very well written, but I couldn't really find the words to make it better. I apologize for that.


  1. Wow Thalia! I LOVED IT! It's the kind of writing I want to do someday! :D So descriptive and well writen.
    You are really skilled and have written a fantastic and exciting piece! Be proud of your talent for it is great, my friend!

  2. Thank you Kallista! Your words are always so encouraging. I really, really appreciate it. I'm very glad that you like my story.