Saturday, March 26, 2011

SP Fanfiction Part One

Yay first part! Actually, this has been written for about a week, but....yeah. This more like a prologue than anything, but it doesn't bother me. Sorry if it bothers you. Anyway, here we go. 


The girl’s black hair whipped around her.  A storm raged overhead, the freezing rain making her bangs stick to her forehead and fall into her eyes.  A strong wind tore through the girl’s tattered clothing, chilling her to the bone.  She didn’t care.  She couldn’t.  Grief stopped her from feeling the cold.

Her feet slid dangerously close to the edge of the cliff as she overlooked the wreckage of the city.  Fire raged through the buildings, paying no heed to the wicked rain that should have put it out.  The screaming had stopped a while ago.  There would be no survivors.


The girl whirled around, her hand flying to the short sword that hung on her waist, only to relax when she saw who it was.


Standing behind her was a girl, one whose face reflected to horror and grief churning within Thalia.  Her usually fire-red hair was darkened by the rain.  March Pathway was leaning heavily on her right leg.  The left one was hanging limply at an odd angle.  It looked painful.

Thalia immediately walked to her side and let March lean on her shoulder.  Her own side was cut and sending stabs of pain through her, but she could ignore that for now.  March was injured.  And it was her fault.

“Thalia, I can’t read minds like you, but I know what you’re thinking, and you couldn’t have stopped it from happening.  The vampires struck by surprise.”

Thalia turned her stormy gray eyes to March.  “But I could have fought them.  I could have provided a distraction.  I could have-”

March cut her off.  “Don’t say that you could have died for them.  You only knew a handful of people in that city.  Most wouldn’t acknowledge your death at all.  And then the vampires would have gotten them anyway, and you’re death would have been for nothing.”

“But innocent people died because of-”

“Thalia.” March’s voice was firm and left no room for arguing.  She took her weight from Thalia’s shoulder and gripped her upper arms tightly.  “It wasn’t your fault.  Fay wouldn’t have wanted you to die.”

At the mention of her dead little sister, Thalia realized her defeat.  March was right- she needed to stop trying blame herself for everything.  Fay had said the same thing when she was alive.

Giving herself a shake, Thalia raised her eyes to meet March’s.  “Okay, Mar-Chu.  Okay.”

March’s face softened and she gave a small smile.  “Good.”

“Now turn into a cat and let me carry you, you great lump.  I know that you’re screaming in pain on the inside,” Thalia said, a playful edge coming into her voice.  It was very hard for her to go into mini-depressions like the one she had just been in, and it was easy for her to come out of them.  She just needed a good friend to snap her back into reality.  Like March.

The newly shape-shifted Mar-Cat leapt into Thalia’s arms, wincing at the pain in her hurt leg, but purring all the same.  Cradling her friend in her arms, Thalia turned from the cliff and the ruined city and walked toward the general direction of Dublin.  She needed all the help she could get at this moment, and she knew just who they should go to……


I already have parts 2, 3, and 3 1/2 done. I just need to type them up. Parts 4 and 5 are planned out. So tell me your thoughts. Good? Bad? Oh, and a little about Thalia: her sister meant the world to her, and because of her death, Thalia always tries to protect people. Don't mention her (dead) family to her. It makes her angry.

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  1. Like it!
    Just wondering... what'll the mortals think had happened?

  2. Thanks Mar, Aquila!

    Aquila, as you'll find out in part 3, the vampires had a bomb, so the mortals will think that it was grade-scale arson, or something of the sort. It was a small city. Hope this helps! :3