Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Crooked Thing - A Poem

Title is from "Brown Penny" by W.B. Yeats (favorite poem go read it).

Also, this poem is trash and rhyming is hard.



The Crooked Thing

There is no pressure in my chest
Or lively chorus from therein
No thoughts of another will plague my rest
No feeling of fire on my skin

My heart will not go dancing, no
Nothing quite enough to catch my gaze
I don't know much, but of what I do know
It is a silly, foolish, self-induced haze

Nothing last for everything
Adolescent feelings not exempt
So tell me then, would you, why
Would I let my heart strings get so unkempt?

And if I read tall tales of love
And shining knights saving the day
And archetypes dying for thereof
If you saw, what would you say?

I was not lying, do not accuse
I do not know that feeling
And after it has simply become a bruise
My heart will not go beating

I can smile as the stories of others
But I do not wish for one of my own
For my favorite stories are of sisters, brothers
Friendship, not love, written in stone

You yearn someone else, you let them in
And I watch as you lower down your walls
And perhaps my silence was the greatest sin
As once again I watch you tumble and fall

But I am gentle, I do my best
Not to cast such notions so far away
Yet again you longed for the beating within another's chest
And if it is foolish to me, what should I say?

So through all the knives and tender lies
I will keep my chin held aloft
And when I break, there won't be butterflies
For I'd rather be filled with wasps


  1. A wonderful poem :) Yeah I'll admit that the rhythm threw me off at times, because yes poetry is hard but the message that came through despite that still struck me really hard. This is a powerful and jarring poem and I think that the difficulties with rhythm add to that (whether intentional or not).

  2. Ahhhh thank you so much!!

    This was really quickly written and there are like 90000 things I'd change but I'm glad the message still came through!! Thank you again uvu