Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anatomy - A Poem

poetry more like [loud screaming] [sounds of explosions] [lord of the rings soundtrack] [blood sacrifice] [the "where no man has gone before" speech plays softly in the distance]


a monster lives inside of me
she made her home in my chest
for a long time she was angry
and she woke me from my rest
but i made my peace with her
just over a year ago
she's no longer mad, but she won't leave
and that's all i really know

there's a demon in my stomach
but from there she strays, she makes trips
and all my offerings of peace
have fallen dead from my lips
i feel her in my muscles, sometimes,
in my throat and in my head
i don't think she will ever go away
so i'll just live with her instead

there's a ghost that lives close
just under my first layer of skin
she's friends with the demon half the time
and sometimes i feel her sagging in
i do not know whose she is
but maybe she is mine
mostly she's quiet, just humming, buzzing,
and i can deal with that just fine

a skeleton lives in my bones
she wormed her way inside
sometimes if i feel too stiff or full
i know that she is why
i don't know why she's here
i already have a skeleton of my own
she doesn't speak or make any noise
just gives me a second set of bones

a monster lives inside of me
she made her home in my chest
sometimes, now, late at night
i'll be awake while she's at rest
she's heavier then, i think,
while i carry the weight of us both
and remember how i was, how i am,
and hope, and hope, and hope


  1. So yeah this is a really awesome poem.

    The verse about the skeleton and the "hope and hope and hope" line really touched me.

    This poem made me shiver and again a powerful message came through.