Sunday, September 15, 2013

You (A Story About Me) - A Poem

hey kiddo

You (A Story About Me)

and there can be magic
late at night
as you lie on your side
in bed
but it's not always good
not always light
as it pounds and screams
and tears at your head

and there will be those
who will ask you
why you don't just
turn it off
but it's not easy
not something you can do
as you shudder and sob and try
to remember that you're ninety-three percent star stuff

and you will answer
with a half-tried smile
with a mantra you've been repeating
inside of your head
with something you haven't
believed for quite a while
but most will agree with you
even though they were lies that you said

and you will eventually find
the courage for honesty
some won't like that
some will call it a bluff
but even if you find
your confession is a soliloquy
don't worry, don't fret
you're ninety-three percent star stuff



    Also that pole dancing Levi fic I found is getting more and more appealing the more I think about it help


    also turn back. turn back now. close the window, turn off your wifi, slam the laptop shut, and BACK AWAY. you've gone too deep. you've gone way too deep. snk fanfiction is a dangerous world and you've gone too far. go back while there's still hoPE

  3. I feel like I walked in on some terrible confessional moment between you and Mar and I'm scared so I'm gonna walk for a while in the other direction

    But this poem's too cool :P

    You'll have to explain it a bit more to me if you get the chance.
    I wrote a similar thing a while back and I'm about to post it, but it's not quite a poem XD Nice title, btw. Just...catchy. Y'know?

    Anyways. *hugs* Cya soon.


    no mar just likes to keep me updated on the whack anime fanfiction she reads and i do my best to try to save her from herself

    and thank you!!! *hugs*

    also what do you want me to explain? i can do my best!!

  5. Damn, I thought she might have fallen prey to forbidden anime fics. I'm so, so sorry, Thal. I think it's too late for her XD

    I guess rereading it I find there's nothing to really explain. I think I was curious about the '93% star stuff' line and its origin, if the poem was more fictional than serious... I don't know. Don't worry too much about it :P

  6. tbh though i have no room to judge because of the depths i've fallen into with star trek fanfiction

    and that line!!! okay so. you know the law of of conservation of mass? matter cannot be destroyed or created, just changed in form. so the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies are the same atoms and molecules that were around billions of years ago, burning in stars. so technically we are 100% star stuff, which is pretty damn rad if you ask me, but i liked the the way the number 93 sounded better.

    1. Ah yes xD I am aware of this, one of the more cooler facts of life. An interesting line, then :P

  7. *looks around and nods*

    Yeah...this is where all the COOL people go.

    *goes of in search of a fedora*

  8. This poem is so awesome. I don't know why I didn't read it earlier, it didn't show up in my dash.

    Hey Mar! *waves*

    Yeah, beautiful poem.