Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Poetic Poem of Jimmybelle

In reading class this week, I wrote a poem called 'The Poetic Poem of Poetry'. My good friend - who on the blogs is called Jimmybelle - really liked the poem. I promised to send it to her, but I forgot to write it down because the journal I wrote it in stays at school. Curse my short term memory. Well, I felt really guilty, so on Friday night I sat down and wrote Jimmybelle poem. Then I sent it to her. And now I'm posting it here. I'm going to shut up now and just post the thing, but first I must say that there are a few things in the poem you might not understand...


I know of a girl
Who has magical powers
Who will braid my short hair
And dreams of large flowers

Her name is Jimmybelle
She happens to be quite insane
But she’s also quite awesome
So don’t make me say it again

She draws rainbow squirrels
That are fat and wide
They are the best squirrels ever
So in them Jimmybelle takes pride

And Jimmybelle’s dreams of flowers
Scare me quite a bit
The flowers are giant
So you can either run or submit

Being squashed by a flower
Doesn’t seem very amusing
And El Dancing Pickle
I just find confusing

I had a dream once, you know
Jimmybelle and I were under a giant mushroom
Skulduggery Pleasant joined us for tea
As did a shape-shifting broom

Not only does she radiate good energy
Jimmybelle’s a great friend
I hope you can get to know her
‘Cause she’ll make you laugh until the end