Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to Properly Appreciate and Utilize Sweaters - A Poem

Hi my name is Thalia and I post too many poems and like sweaters too much :')


How to Properly Appreciate and Utilize Sweaters

Come to the realization that hoodies
And sweatshirts
Are all well and good but are not
As great
As sweaters

So as not to arouse suspicion
Begin amassing a variety
Of this fantastic article of clothing -
Sweater vests
Sweater dresses
And just plain sweaters
All count
Riffle through your closet and see
If you already own any
That could be brought back from the dead
With a run through the laundry

There are no
Limits on fabric
But wool knit ones
Are generally
The warmest

Begin integrating
Your sweaters
Into your everyday wardrobe

And on the weekends
When you have
Nothing better to do
Gather your sweaters
And dump them
In a pile
On your bed
Careful to avoid the cat
And then flop
Into the sweater nest
And take a nap


  1. This is adorable and comforting and I love it :)

  2. *noms on Thalia's sweater pile* i like yoru sweaters too! They are tasty! :D
    *hugs Thalia*
    Lovely and fun poem Thalia.
    AS to what you say up top just below your blog title, you need to write more poems. We love them!
    *hugs some more and noogies*