Sunday, March 17, 2013

Eleven Little Poems

Yeah.  Nothing is capitalized because that's just how I write when I'm throwing ideas down, which is what these are.  Some are vents and some are just really dumb.  Sorry if you're getting sick of my poetry by now.

I don't feel good and I'm unbelievably ready for spring break.

they wanted
a miscreant
who was enough of
a grenade
to explode
and paint them
in a false but
saintlike light and
whose escapades
would cause enough
noise to hide what
happened behind the
curtains so i became
their renegade

someday i'll
turn my back
on this dark age
and wait
for the renaissance

when it rains
all i want is to
curl up in a pillow
fort like the ones we
used to make
as kids
with a cup of
my favorite tea
and my laptop so i
can watch old black
and white movies
without leaving my
nest of nostalgia
and listen to the rain
fall down

we are
a silent film
a single washed out
with shaky edges
flickering in
and out
for hours on end
fading to black
before the producers
figured out how
to capture sound
so no one hears
the noise we had to make

it tastes delicious
who the hell
looked at a pomegranate
and thought
“let's make tea out of this”

if it's not already
a citrus tea
then please
don't put lemon
in my mug
because it curdles the milk

i still don't know
how to get
to the grocery store
and somehow that

i saw a flower bud
yesterday but today
it snowed again
and the bud is dead
dammit jack frost

time to muddle through march's things
with all it's violent mood swings
and tantrums and feuds
and two-day-late missed cues
time to wait for the april's tears
to once again be shed here
to wash us clean
so that we may be seen
running wild through the rain
so that we can start again

it's almost
i need to be up
in six hours
why am i still
i'm really hungry

even though we can
agree that the world
isn't a very good place
right now and
even though we don't
know everything about
each other yet we
see each other
when we hug


  1. Wow these little poems are awesome.

    They remind me of William Carlos Williams and ee cummings and T. S Eliot.

    I especially love I, IV, V, IX and XI.

    V made me smile so very much.

  2. 11, 9, 4, 2.
    Those are my favs :D

    They're awesome little poems, Thal!
    I enjoyed reading them :3

    ~hugs tight~
    And I'm sorry you're not feeling great :/ I hope you'll feel better soon.
    Come visit us if you get a chance. :]

  3. *hugs Thalia tightly* You never fail to delight me. :D Your talent combined with your creativity and your beautiful personaity make these poems all so wonderful and dear to me.
    Someday I am going to join you in a pillow fort and we can hang out and rest from all the toil of life and drink our fav drinks while listenign to the rain. (Sky would prolly be dancign in the rain) tee hee
    In the meantime, I hope you can enjoy some pillow fort time. *hugs again*
    Hope you feel better soon Thalia!

    Love you sister.

  4. Thank you very much Kallie! *hugs*