Thursday, January 8, 2015

UPDATE kinda


So I know I have (HAD) a tradition of posting a part of Pushing Up Daisies on New Year's Eve but uh. Yeah obvs that didn't happen.  The reason why is threefold:

  1. Fall semester 2014 was very busy and very hard. Not a lot of writing, or any creative pursuits for that matter, were going on in the interest of devoting more time to school, sports (in the first part of the semester), clubs (Mock Trial sure is something else), and my job.
  2. I have finals very soon.
  3. I forgot I needed to write it (see reason #1) until 8:00 pm on New Year's Eve, at which time I was knee-deep in Fire Emblem fanfiction and wasn't going to be pulled out any time soon.

So, yeah. I did start it, though, and hopefully I will be able to get something done and posted once finals are over.  I've also started on a few other things (which, frankly, are holding my interest slightly more) which I should also have posted relatively soon-ish.

However, if you find you are lacking in Min Approved Content, I am fairly active on Tumblr.

This is my main blog:
I reblog mostly art, film, and fandom stuff there. It's also fairly social justice oriented.

This is my very carefully curated aesthetic blog:
I originally made it as a writing blog, which it why Planter is posted there, but for the most part it has been repurposed (mainly because I haven't been, y'know, writing).

And that's the update!! See ya later alligators

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