Sunday, May 19, 2013

What Art Has Taught Me - A Poem

Copy change of What My Mother Taught Me by Melody Lacina.

It's late and I wrote this in approximately ten minutes and it's bad and I'm too tired to be thinking in flowy language.  At least it's honest I guess.


What Art Has Taught Me

On sheafs of snowy college rule paper,
the little red line shows where notes end
and doodles begin.

Take pictures when you see
or think
of something beautiful.

Don’t be afraid to feel things sometimes.
It’s okay if your tears blur the pen ink
and it’s better to tear up paper than to tear up yourself.

Be aware of the world around you and pay attention to little things,
like orange rivers spilling out into a cat’s yellow irises,
or the way the light is hitting the elderly couple in the café corner.

Care too much about everything.
It hurts your heart a lot
but at least you can say you tried.

Carry some sort of notebook everywhere.
Immortalize the world around you in quick sketches
and half smeared pencil lines.


  1. That's beautiful, Thalia. That poem captures everything about drawing and seeing things through the eyes of an artist. And what the world of an artist is like too. Constantly having pieces of paper in your pocket, pencil and ink ALWAYS on your hands... a mystery as to how that happens XD

    But I am not so fond of the side of art that makes you write essays about a choice of colour or analyse, nearly interrogate, a picture or painting. I had an art exam like that today. People should just appreciate art for its mystery and beauty. That'c certainly why I like drawing and art and stuff.

    Are you an artist? Can you please share some of your work? Please?

    And this poem is exceptionally beautiful. Truly. Never ceases to amaze me how quickly and beautifully you can write. Same with everyone on here, too.

    Anyway, thanks for posting! :D

    1. Omg this is such a lovely detailed comment thank you so much Rosella u//v//u

      I agree, art is about THE ART, it sucks that they make you write them anyway :') I love the mystery of art too. I prefer wondering about what the artist meant for myself, and not wringing symbolism from it, y'know? The art museum is actually one of my favorite places to be, because it's just so beautiful and quiet and has this peaceful feeling to it, and you're not pressured to come up with any profound meaning, it's

      I hope your exam went well!

      And yes I am an artist!!! uwu I do want to share some of my work. I've been planning to do so for a while. Once school is out and I can get some better, more recent examples of my work together, I'll make a post with them in it. I'm not very good right now though?? I've been drawing my whole life but I've never taken a ~*~*serious art class*~*~ and I didn't even take the normal, silly art class this year because there wasn't time in my schedule. But I'd still love to share my work! I think I might set up another blog next year when I start taking a better art class for examples of my work. Gosh this is long but I mucH....

      Once again, thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. Amazing and beautiful poem.

    I have no skill at drawing but it's wonderful to hear about it from someone who does.

    I would love to see some of your art one day.


  3. This is certainly not "bad," Thalia!

    Excellent, beautiful, awesome poem. I enjoyed reading it, and I love it, because I've so often wanted to say something just like that..., but I couldn't find the words.
    It's perfect. :3