Friday, August 31, 2012

I Had to Write a Poem About Myself (and it has no title)


It was for Language Arts.  It's....mfdngkvbnoidfg.  It's a poem.  We had to use this ridiculous template.  Each line started with 'I' and then some other word and we had to fill in the rest.  I felt so narcissistic writing it, and I still feel that way posting it.  I was going to switch it around a little or something, but no, I'm too lazy.  I pretty much destroyed the template anyway, so...yeah.  Read.  Maybe enjoy.  Please don't die.

I am the time traveller
Carrying history in the pockets
Of my old blue coat
I wonder about the things that no one remembers
The people who lived and died and fell out of our books
I hear them whistling as they walk away forever
Hoping that they will be okay,
But not really sure, and
I want to know their names

I am the dying declaration of François Rabelais
For I'm searching for something too big, too wild
To be anything other than a 'Perhaps'
I pretend to have my head on the ground even when
I feel my hands trying to hold the universe
I touch the words and reach for them as they fall
Cascading around me from some place too far
Where, exactly, I do not know
And, God, I wish I did
I worry about not letting anyone lose themselves to the world
I cry when another is gone
And the pain of caring shreds my lungs

I am the mad sailor, lost on stormy seas
Commander of an empty ship, a long-lost library
I understand that I am drowning in mortality
As though I'm dripping with kerosene
Waiting to be set alight
I say that talking doesn't help
That I'd like to be left alone with my words, thank you very much
I dream about watching time and space unfold
Having everything that's ever been close at hand
I try my best to
I hope that when I die, at my funeral
People will have the common decency to wear smiles
And bright colors and good stories
And remember me as I was
Because I will still be the moment collector,
The lonely sea captain,
The last words
I am a girl with a long way to go before she burns


  1. *hugs tightly*
    What ever you were feelign it was pure GENIUS Thalia! You are so AMAZING! Thsi poem is MARVOLOUS! I LOVE IT! I bet you got an A!

    You rability is great! Your talent so BIG and POWERfUL! Thanks for posting this Thalia! I LOVE IT and TREASURE IT! *hugs*

  2. This is fantastic. I really liked it, Thal :D

    My favourite part is the funeral line:

    "People will have the common decency to wear smiles
    And bright colors and good stories
    And remember me as I was."

    Really awesome :)Now I'm off to google the 'Make Good Art' line...

  3. Oh gosh thank you Hellboy!! :D I don't know if you'll read this, the the 'Make good art' thing is from a commencement address that Neil Gaiman gave:

  4. Thalia... I don't even know how to respond to this...
    That poem was sooo incredible.

    Out of every poem I have ever read, this one is at the top somewhere.
    Seriously, I'm not kidding
    I'm going to print this [if you don't mind] and keep it somewhere, because I just can't even so how brilliant this was! You had better have gotten an excellent score! :3
    When you become famous, you need to have a book of poetry with this one as the very last poem in the book. That would be so perfect :3
    It was beautiful.

  5. Ahhh thank you so much ;w; Of course I don't mind! That's really sweet :'3

  6. Oh my days Thalia this poem is astoundingly Thaliaesque. Which basically means the perfect mixture of touching, sincere, and incredible. It shows that you are well read and write well and your language is so eloquent and diverse and finely crafted.

    I love this.

  7. Oh wow thank you so much Octa! :') That really means a lot to me.

  8. I have heard your a good writer, known you've been awarded. But DAMN, that was awesome! I wish that I could write like that someday...

  9. That was brilliant! I absolutely loved the Neil Gaiman part. And the last line was perfect!

    Loved it <3