Sunday, May 20, 2012

New Story Thing?

Uh. This won't be continued, but....yeah?  I wrote this to put off homework.  It's in second person because this one line "Your name is Thalia Circe, and you're the best there is." popped into my head and wouldn't get out.  And...well.  Thalia seems to die a lot in situations like these, and I wanted her to not die for once :P So I tried my hand at writing second-person action. Not the best, but hey, it's something to post.

Thal's brother is so crazy.  I may be rewriting Pushing Up Daisies, but Finn is still the same psycho.

You dive into the drivers seat, shove the key in the ignition, and floor it.

You can't remember the last time you drove a car, and you are certain you've never driven something this modern or fancy. But that doesn't matter right now. You know the big wheel in front of you makes it turn, and that's all you need to know.

One thing you have to give your brothers hit men credit for is that they are excellent drivers with good taste in cars. You've played countless hours of Mario Kart Wii with March and Mirtil, but as you nearly roll over rounding a corner, you realize that it's not the same thing at all.

Someone leans out of the car in front of you, holding something in his hand. You frown, trying to make out what it is. Then there's three bangs in quick succession, and you scream and duck as the bullets shatter the windshield. You wrench the steering wheel to the side and start zigzagging across the road. Curses fly out of your mouth. The man looks slightly stunned.

If the car didn't belong to your psychotic brother, you would be sorry about the windshield. But it does and you're not.

You suddenly realize where the van in front of you is going. You've been on this road so many times that you didn't even take the time to look at your surroundings. Your hands clench tighter on the wheel, your knuckles going white. You don't know what prompted the random attack from your brother, you don't know why his consorts are going this way and if there are some already there, and you don't have time to think about it because all you can think is The Manor, the Manor, the Manor and your heart goes into overdrive.

You slide down in your seat as the man fires at your head again. You fumbled with the glove box with one hand, trying to pull it open. Finally the latch comes undone and you see that your hunch was right. You grab the steering wheel and pull the car straight, right behind the other one. Then you grab the revolver and start shooting.

You've never been the best shot, preferring to fight with your hands and sword. Trying to drive and shoot at the same time is only making your aim worse. But against all odds, one of your bullets hits the man's hand just as he fires again, and he drops the gun, howling in pain. There's a burning in your shoulder and you're very aware of the blood soaking your shirt and jacket, but you can't feel the pain. A hysterical laugh escapes your lips because a bullet just grazed you and there's glass lodged in your arm and you don't care. Adrenaline does funny things with nerves.

You're getting close to Elysium Asylum now. Apparently, the hit men notice too, because they accelerate. You push the car as harder, and the distance is closing, but you won't be able to swerve around and get next to the other car. The gates are visible now, and you're so panicked and confused and high on adrenaline that you just say screw it to the world and crash the cars.

Everything after that – at least how you will remember it – is like a slow motion action shot in a movie. You fling open the door and half roll, half fall out of it. A wheel just barely misses your head. There's a bang and a screech. You look around just as the mess that used to be two cars skids into a tree and something catches fire. A very wounded looking man drags himself from the wreckage and starts hobbling away as fast as he can go.

Another thing you're obliged to give the hit men credit for – they are incredibly durable.

This close to the manor you can hear that there's already a fight going on, but your side is winning easily. You're probably going to fall over soon, you know it, but you feel the need to finish your part. Somehow, your sword is still in your hand. You don't question it, and instead push yourself to your feet, swaying.

Someone calls your name and you start running – in the opposite direction. Your footsteps are heavier than usual, and for the first time the man notices that you're there. He lets out a strangled squeak and starts limping faster. Even if you catch up to him, you know you won't have the energy to take him down in hand-to-hand fight, no matter how wounded he is. He's just too big, and you're just too tired. So you skid to a halt, pull your sword out of it's sheath, and throw it like a frisbee.

The sword spins wildly through the air, and for one terrible moment, you think that you've missed. But then your weapon sticks in his back, and he drops to the ground, dead, you think, or as good as.

You turn around and start limping back to the Manor, suddenly feeling very drained. The gates are open now, and you know that the fight in there is over, too. Some of your friends are standing there, battered and bloody, but nothing too serious, which you're glad to see.

They're all staring at you like you just tried to eat your foot. Even though you're half soaked in your own blood and you're about to topple over, you still manage to feel proud enough of yourself to give them a lopsided grin and a jaunty salute.

Your name is Thalia Circe, and you're the best there is.


I have no idea how you drive a car, to be honest, or why there was an attack on Elysium Asylum.  There just was :P



  1. HAHA! JUST SO EPICA! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! This was so detaield and so THRILLING! Loe the kick ass attitude of mah girl Thalia! LOL LOVE TAHT ENDING! FABULOUS THALIA! I LOVE THIS! XDDDDDDD

  2. Brilliant :D I like that line "and you're the best there is"

    Also, very epic car chase :)

    uhhhh...yeaaaaaaaahup. That about sums it all up. Hmm. French fries.

  3. That was amazing. I't was honestly better than most books I've read! (which is a lot)

    You are an amazing writer!