Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raising Wonderland, Because We Live, and This Star Won't Go Out - Three Poems

Hmm.  Some poems I wrote for English.  And anyone who has read The Fault in Our Stars, that last one is for you.

I - Raising Wonderland

Falling through the Looking Glass
Down the rabbit hole once more
In a hallway, long and dark
And through each and every locked door

The caterpillar asks, “Who are you?”
Before the court of the Queen
An answer tumbles off your tongue
Painting a such a fantasy scene

Are you Alice? Can you be?
Why, it's impossible to say
Will you make the Jabberwocky headless?
Will you bring about frabjous day?

You're here unintentionally
You're not fit for Wonderland
What a scared little mouse you are
Can you face what fate has planned?

“Off with her head!” the Queen of Hearts declares
The card guards draw their swords
Run, run, faster little Alice!
Back through all those locked doors!

“You're late for tea,” says the hatter
He's madder than mad, but dearest girl
Some things are bigger than others
And right now, you are bigger than the world

Daring to be braver than brave
You have to move fast to move at all
Though it's frightening, it's so exciting
Why, aren't we having a ball?

Playing chess is a life-or-death game
So subvert the rules, turn them on their head
Transgress the world with a Cheshire Grin
Just laugh and laugh until you're dead

II) Because We Live

My old glow has become a dull light
But it's a proud one, I think
For me, it works, it's enough
Though I may tarnish
Though my edges may rust
I'm still the same girl, with a faint shine

I have a candle resting in my heart
Burning brighter as the days go on
So if my fire ever goes out
Just strike another match
Hand me my needle, hand me my thread
I'll fix myself up again

And if you crack, just come to me
I'll see what repairs I can make
It might be a bit sloppy
And sure, everything is temporary
But I'll do my very best
So that you can keep going

There are times when things just suck
But why do we just sit around?
Wallow in despair and twiddle our thumbs
I want to do something, to give a hug
Just to the world in general
Because, really, everyone wants a hug

If in my lifetime, the world ends
Will it be alright to laugh?
I'm just one of seven billion
And with seven billion reasons to think
And seven billion reasons to live
One starts to feel kind of giddy

And even if I'm insane, that's not the point
It simply does not have a point
But because we're here, because we live
In this world of wrong and of right
Our light might be tedious and dull
But damn, it's still so bright

III) This Star Won't Go Out

That which we call the universe
By any other name would not be as grand
So come, my dear, let's watch the stars
Across time, across history
And gracefully, we'll weave our story

Humans, we wonder sometimes, wistfully
'Will I be remembered when I'm gone?'
But the time will come when we're all dead
And there will be no one to remember
Anything at all

We glide through the world everyday
Being alive, just living life
Yet the universe still gives us a nod
Even though we're all but a moment
A passing impression

This little hatful of days we have
We'll spend it tactfully, but as we please
Our time is limited yet unlimited
Because each second, each minute, each blessed hour
Is it's own eternity

But my dear, so be it if we die
Together, we've had such a good run
There were bad times and good times and weird times
So Godspeed, my love
Because you and I, we had the best of times

Someday we'll all be dead
But the universe will remember us
Infinitely, all of time throughout
And like a fire, scintillating
This star won't go out


  1. *hugs Thalia tightly for a long time*
    My dear beloved sister!You are so gifted! Your poems are incredible! You are brilliant! All these poems are treasures! I love to see what comes out of your brilliant mind Thalia! it is always a delight!

  2. *hugs Thalia tightly*

    These poems are fabulously brilliant! Each and everyone of them shows incredible skills. I love them! Espcially This Star Won't Go Out. If you have no objection I shall pester John on Tumblr to read it.
    That is how much I love it.

  3. *hugs Octa*

    Thank you so much :) I have no objection at all to pestering John. I'd be really honored if you did that! :D

  4. These poems are great! You're writing skills far surpass a lot of other's I've read. As someone who's read The Fault in Our Stars twice and (yes, I'm unafraid to admit) cried both times, This Star Won't Go Out was especially meaningful. SUPER AMAZING *hug and smiley face :) *