Saturday, January 7, 2012

Current State of a Story

Err, well......this is not a story, but it has to do with one.

I'm going to re-write "Pushing Up Daisies".'s not what I wanted it to be. When I started "Pushing Up Daisies", it was a much darker, creepier story. It had a more twisted plot with much more adventure. I think I strayed from my original plan because I was worried about keeping people waiting for the next part. So I want to redo it. Everyone who was in the story so far will be in it again, I promise. I can't promise how soon, though. I feel like I introduced everyone too quickly and brought them all together too fast. Timing, people. Timing is everything.

So, yes. Same cast of characters, same title, just new plot. Trust me, I love funny fanfics as much as anyone, but "Pushing Up Daisies" wasn't meant to have humor as a main theme (though there still will be some, obviously)

And another reason I want to redo it is that I'm not happy with my character in it. As I've been writing her more in private projects, and writing other characters, I've come to have her be a more well-rounded person, with more dimension. When I look back at my first blog posts and at my very first fanfiction, and I look at my writing's come a long way, but it still needs to improve.  And so does my OC.

The prologue will still be the same because that was part of the original plot.

I'm sorry about this, but I want to be proud of my writing. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the rewrite as much as they did this attempt.

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  1. Hey, whenever you can get it back on track, that's fine.

    o.o just hurreh...