Friday, December 23, 2011

The Apocalypse

The Divine and Diabolical powers got impatient and tried to bring about the End in 2011 instead of waiting until 2012. The world came out of it OK, but there's one particular unidentified immortal being who isn't very happy about all of this. And she has something to say about it.

Happy Holidays, everyone :)

The End had come and gone, and really, the world wasn’t much better or worse for it.  There were just a lot less people and a lot more zombies.  But that was okay, most people reasoned.  Less people meant more resources – thus better lives – for the survivors, and more zombies meant that zombie hunters had more prey to hunt.  So really, the End hadn’t been such a bad thing.

Of course, that was all in the perspective of humans, and humans couldn’t be trusted.

Anna and Alex were sitting in a diner together.  Alex looked like a fairly normal young man.  Perhaps he did scowl a bit more than usual, and yes, perhaps his eyes were an unnatural red, but people these days had learned not to judge.  He was glaring out the window at the hazy drizzle.  Alex didn’t like the rain.

He glanced over at his companion.  Anna was holding a newspaper in front of her face, and her fedora was pulled low over her dark eyes.  Alex knew that even if he spontaneously combusted, she would probably just ignore it.

A zombie stumbled into the diner, roaring and gnashing its teeth.  Four zombie hunters sitting at the bar spun around on their spinning stools and shot it repeatedly until they were sure that the undead was really dead.

Alex yawned and sipped his coffee.  Anna turned a page in her newspaper.

“You'd think,” Anna said after a while, folding her newspaper shut and setting it down carefully on the table, “that people would be talking more about the fact that we just experienced Armageddon.”

“You know what they say.  ‘Talk is cheap, but a wise man chooses when to spend his words’.”

“Yeah, and when that wise man is getting his throat torn out by zombies because he was too much of a prick to scream for help, I’ll be laughing.”

Alex’s eyebrows slowly traveled up his forehead and were quickly concealed by his fantastic hair.  “Someone’s not happy.”

“I’m not paid to be happy.”

“You’re not paid at all.”

Anna sighed huffily and glared at him.  “I wasn’t looking forward to the End, okay?  I quite liked the world the way it was, thank you.  But there wasn’t much I could do about it, considering that I was stuck upside-down in a supply closet until the actual day of the End.  So what I thought, while the blood was rushing to my head, what I thought was, ‘Okay, the world is going to end.  Too bad.  But at least it’ll be something new and interesting, to see the world during the rapture.’  And guess  what, Al?  It wasn’t interesting.”

“…Anna,” Alex said.  “The seas boiled.  The ground shook.  People died.  The dead were raised.  Volcanoes exploded.  And you’re telling me that you were bored by it?”  He shook his head.

Anna spread her hands.  “I expected the world to be left in more carnage.  Obviously, it’s not much of an apocalypse if there’s still civilization after it.  Besides, there was not clear winner.”

“A truce was called,” Alex sighed, resting his cheek on his hand.

“Exactly.  In all our millennia of living, Alex, you ever hear of the Divine and Diabolical powers calling a truce?  I think not,” Anna shot back.

“Well, whatever.  I think we can agree 2011 was a pretty rubbish year for the End to come about.”

“They should have waited until twenty twelve.”


I love winter break. It gives me time to work on my book. Obviously, I take advantage of this time and do what I always do, and that is slack off xD I should just compile all the things I write when I'm procrastinating and try to get it published as a short story book.


  1. I love this. You = awesome. And I don't mean awesome like Gilbert is awesome, either.

  2. Where's he giant black hole engulfing planets? The mutated animal monsters? The huge thunder clouds that shroud out the sun?
    *grumbles audibly*
    It's really not the end of the world with out those.
    I happen to agree with Anna, whoever was in charge of the end at least should have made it more flashy.
    (Great story by the way, part two? Pwease? For Christmas?)

  3. COOL!

    I'd LOVE to live in that world! I'd be a zombie hunter!!!!

    Fantastic look on things, Thalia!

  4. *hugs Mar and Mir*

    Thank you, my delightful companions in mayhem!

    And Mir, okay, if I get really bored one day I'll further Alex's and Anna's adventures :D And those sound like good ideas!

  5. Hee, hee~ *hugs Thal back*
    Actually, I was thinking about writing something like this, as in a Zombie Apocalypse. I got inspired by this iPod app called Please Stay Calm, but your beat me to it.

  6. Really~?



    Please? :D