Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Distorted Cages - A Poem

Title is kind of crappy :( Ignore it, I couldn't come up with a better one. Here's another poem. I swear I'll have a happy one up soon! But read this for now. Haven't been able to write poetry since my poem spam last month. It feels good to write like this again.

Rusted, locked up bird cages
Breeding places for old rages
The glowing light seems so surreal
Death has already closed the deal
While broken hearts steadily bleed
Betrayal plants a sullen seed

The pressure tears at happy minds
And individuality meets its binds
Heartless jailers stand alone
Trapped in silent jails of their own
Humans are sheep, with gods as herders
You never forget the eyes of a murderer

Good reasons don’t exist anymore
The only ones given are sad and poor
There isn’t anything worth anything left
“Death” will always rhyme with “breath”
The clock is running out of precious time
And everyone is guilty of the same crime

The longest word used to be “smile”
But now it doesn’t stretch a mile
It doesn’t stretched out of sight
And crumbles under the weakest might
A pathetic, worthless, melancholy gesture
It only helps old wounds fester

It’s ridiculous how pathetic we are
We don’t take care of the land we scar
So many now have nowhere to go
Choking to death in the endless snow
Even if tears are shed
Blood will still always run red

Cruelness is so easily shown
Nobody has a good thought to loan
There is no significance in a single tear
And every day is lived in fear
Mechanical laughter and brainwashed thoughts
Has anyone even considered the cost?

Is this what we are, so blatantly conceited?
The human spirit is so defeated
Is this the definition of a good world?
It’s a place where evil plots are easily furled
Rain and petals float softly to the ground
Just cover your ears – block out the sound

A broken person doesn’t speak
Once strong thoughts become weak
There is no border between hope and despair
Dreams are torn down without a care
The gates have finally swung tightly closed
The final song has been composed

Through a distorted lens, a perfect world is seen
People go on what they just barely glean
Incorrectly, a criminal is hung
The dead sing what can’t be sung
It doesn’t matter how loud you cry
We still don’t know what it takes to fly


  1. :O

    That was so creepy and haunting! You could base a horror story off of that!

  2. Thanks Mar, I take that as a complement! :D

    This is such a sad and intruiging poem! I love it though! Thanks for posting this my friend!
    *hugs her*
    *hugs her again and noogies her* (pass that onto Mar)
    This one's for you!
    *hugs and noogies her*


    It has a beauty to it to of a kind.

    The last line in particular I love.

    Brilliant penmanship!

  5. "And maybe, you will learn to fly.
    Hope is the last one to die."

    (Yes, I just quoted my own poem... )

    It's sad... but somehow, your poem is fitting.
    "Sometimes". :P

    ( I should stop refering to what I wrote myself... but it saves me from writing it again... )

  6. You're right, the last two lines of my poem are similar to yours!

    Thank for commenting :D

  7. Ooooooooooooooo.......



    that was so great.
    I can't even put any exclamation points. It's just too awesome...
    I LOVE it, Thalia.

  8. I think that this is like my new favorite poem.
    How did you do it?
    It's so sad and strange... and really excellent writing, too.
    Sorry for commenting twice but I always think of something else to say.


  9. Ah, no problem! I love comments :D Thank you so much!

    I don't know how this was born.....the little critter inside my brain, named Georgie, might have had something to do with it.

  10. Wow... That was really amazing!
    It makes you think too... :/
    Okie, I hereby promise to take a moment each day when I feel like frowning, and I'll smile instead, and try to give a helping hand. :3
    ~Huggles Thalia~
    It was BEAUTIFUL