Monday, October 10, 2011

Math, My Savior - A Poem

Numbers roll through my head
Shapes are drawn in my mind
Delight and satisfaction course through me
When the answer I do find

Chasing away my inner demons
Woes, angers, and other dark things
Variables, numbers – it all takes over
And I relish in the peace it brings

The answers stick out, bright as day
Never failing to be there
Even though the searching may be tough
When I figure it out, I don’t care

Postulates, theorems, formulas,
Deductive reasoning, it’s all perfectly clear
Like an invisible map only I can see
It’s something soothing, always near

Algebraic equations and geometric symbols –
Sometimes seems rather confusing
And when I explain a problem to someone
Their expressions are quite amusing

A safe haven from the rest of the world
One that I carry around in my head
The math comes so easily to me
And it softens the hardships that lie ahead


  1. ... DARN IT! STOP BEING A GENIUS!! (Some of us have shed bitter tears over math you know... >.>)

  2. Wow Thalia...
    if only I understood math like that... (just so you know, I don't. Math has continued to defy my peace offers and is currently the bane of my existence.)

    :) Love the poem!

  3. *hugs Ruby and Mir*

    Thanks for reading and commenting, you two :D

    Believe it or not, I used to be completely awful at mathematics. How I got to where I am today, I have no idea.