Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holly Quill - Bio

NAME: Holly Quill

AGE: 15.

GENDER: Female

HAIR: Medium brown in color, softly tousled. Goes to the middle of her upper arm. Bangs flip up at the ends and go to the side a bit.

EYES: A dark, forest green, surrounded by thick eyelashes. Her eyes are large and almond-shaped.

HEIGHT: 5 foot, 5 inches.

WEIGHT: Normal.

PERSONALITY: Holly is carefree and silly. She is kind of weird, and likes to point out the obvious. She also gets flustered easily. However, Holly is also deadly smart and a good fighter.

WEARS: Usually, she wears navy skinny jeans, a bright orange tank top, a dark gray sweatshirt, and yellow high-top Converse. Sometimes she adds a green plaid scarf.

NATIONALITY AND ACCENT: Mostly Norwegian, and a little Spanish, with an Alaskan-American accent.

HISTORY: Holly grew up in Alaska, in a non-magical family. She discovered magic at a fairly young age, but had no one to teach her how to use it. The highlight of her life in Alaska was getting chased across town in her bathrobe and slippers by a moose when she was ten. The same year, her mother and father sent her to live with her aunt in Ireland. Her aunt, Sharon Forest, was an Elemental and taught Holly. Sharon – after finding out how quickly her niece picked up on things - deemed it unnecessary for Holly to go to an actual school, and instead taught Holly herself. So Holly’s education from that point on consisted of everything from normal school courses, to tap-dancing, to how to jump out of the window of a moving car. Holly – being only 15 – still lives with her aunt, but goes out on her own adventures as well.

FAMILY: Holly’s aunt is Sharon Forest. Her parents are still alive, but Holly never goes to visit them, and is exceedingly awkward when they visit her. She also has a little sister, but doesn’t like to talk about or to her.

POWERS: Elemental.

FAVORITE WEAPONS: Whatever is on hand at the moment.

OTHER SKILLS: Art and being a source of amusement for her friends.

FRIENDS: Quinnera Elviana, Kallista Pendragon, Lucky Jack.

ENEMY'S: The moose that chased her when she was ten, and anyone who annoys her.

HATES: Being referred to as “Girly” or “Little girl”, and spiders.

LIKES: Chocolate, running around, video games, singing, apples, books, chairs, old houses, snakes, drawing, anime, finger painting, and face painting.

ADDRESS: Classified, for safety purposes.

JOB: Sometimes works for the Sanctuary.

MODE OF TRANSPORTATION: Her aunt drives her places sometimes, but other than that, she walks.

NEVER SEEN WITHOUT: Shoes and shirt, so she can get service. Oh, pants too.

DESCRIPTION: Holly is skinny and pale, but not so much of either that it looks unhealthy. She is also somewhat pretty.


OK, I don't know why it's all highlighted like this, but it's not letting me fix it, so let's just ignore that little fact there. But if you want to be her friend, let me know and I'll add you.


  1. Totally cool, Thalia!
    (weird, though, about the highlighting, but it looks neat! :P)

  2. Thanks Ruby!

    Yeah, the highlighting was stressing me out for a bit because it simply wouldn't go away. But then I decided to just go with it.


  3. LOL Thalia!

    You have created yet another epica oc! LOVE HER!
    Love the bit with the moose and the shirt and shoe bits!

    WEll done my friend!



    I'm still the shortest OC though... And it shall stay that way... >:D

    I loves her! :D

    And she's met a moose. Jealous. :P